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Floating sauna on Lake Åresjön.

Foto: Explore Åre

Sauna & Relax at Buustamons Fjällgård.

Level Spa at Copperhill Mountain Lodge.

Sports & Swim World at Holiday Club.

Ice bathing, yoga and sauna with Yoga with Fia.

Foto: Yoga with Fia

Five saunas to warm up in

Saunas in Åre – an obvious activity for everyone! Why is it so nice to sweat, cool down, sweat again, cool down again, then sweat some more? The answer is simple, because it is. We’ve listed five saunas where you can relax and open your pores during your visit to Åre.

The sauna tradition in Sweden is almost as big as it is in Finland. It was once a purification phenomenon for the body, and has now become a social phenomenon or simply a really nice way to end a cold ski session, a race or a tough work week. Most accommodations throughout Åre has their own sauna but there is more to discover out there.

#1 Floating sauna on Lake Åresjön

Floating on Lake Åresjön is Åre’s oddest sauna – Explore Åre‘s bastuflotte (floating sauna). Heated by a wood fire, throw some water directly from Lake Åresjön in there to create a steamy experience. When it’s time to cool down, take a step off the edge directly into the lake.

#2 Sauna World Season Spa Sauna

At Holiday Club there is a plethora of different saunas to try, all with different temperatures. The classic pine sauna is around 80 degrees and there are several saunas from 45 degrees and upwards. To cool down, try an ice bath, pour a bucket of ice cold water over your head or ice sauna at -18 degrees.

#3 Buustamons Sauna & Relax

Buustamons Fjällgård has a traditional sauna where you can cool yourself down on your way outside to the fire heated outdoor pool. If you’re feeling daring during the winter, you can have a go at rolling around in the snow on your way there.

#4 Level Spa at Copperhill

On the top of Förberget, overlooking the entire Mt. Åreskutan, is the Copperhill Mountain Lodge. There are two saunas where one of them looks out over the forest outside the hotel. Cool down with an ice-cold water shower or in any of the pools (which is not cold but feels that way after a hot sauna).

#5 Sauna & Ice Bathing at Herbret

Yoga master Fia Aunsmo allows you to combine yoga with ice bathing and sauna. Learn how to breathe to calm down, master the cold and then heat up in the sauna. Find out more at the Yoga with Fia website here.

Last updated 3 August 2023