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Easy to catch button lifts

Photo: Niklas Vestefjell

Go see the beavers in Tegefjäll

Photo: Niklas Vestefjell

Ski with Valle the snowman

Photo: Skistar

Lots of gentle slopes in Björnen

Photo: Anette Andersson

Skiing in Åre for kids

It’s in the children’s ski area the beginning of a long and happy skiing career begins. Together we practice to snow plow in flat slopes and to master the button lifts. Hard work! 😅 The reward = Your small rider will eventually manage to turn and stop on their own and take the lifts by themselves. Find the skiing in Åre for kids that suits your family best.

⛷ Duved’s children’s area

Ski map for Duved >>

Let’s begin far west, in Duved where there is often less busy. The ski bus takes you from Kabinbanan in Åre to Duved. The children’s area is just above the parking lot at the chair lift Duved’s Linbana (D3). Here you’ll find an easily accessible conveyor belt and the button lift Torpliften (D4). Because the children’s area in Duved is located between Linbanan (D3) and Leråliften (D5), there are excellent slopes for the more advanced riders in the family in direct connection with the children’s area. The T-bar Leråliften (D5) takes you to the billowy slopes of Tegefjäll. Under the chair lift Linbanan (D3) there is usually a snow park for the jibbers. When the children grow out of the children’s area, they can practice riding the lower part of the T-bar lift Hamreliften (D2) further west.

Barbecue area: Yupp. | Heated cabin: In the lower level of the lift station of Duved’s Linbana. | Toilet: In the lower level of the lift station of Duved’s linbana. | Nearest restaurant: Brödernas by the lift D3

⛷ Tegefjäll’s children’s area

Ski map for Tegefjäll >>

In Tegefjäll, on the road between Duved and Åre you’ll find the children’s ski area just below the main road, E14. The ski bus takes you to Tegefjäll from both Duved and Åre. If you drive on your own the best option is to park at the first designated parking lot to the right just after crossing the Tegefjäll bridge. Head out onto the ski bridge to the children’s ski area where you’ll find a conveyor belt and the button lift Mini Tege (D8). When the children have learnt to turn, and stop on their own, it’s time for the Vildmarksstigen theme slope. A fantastic loop that goes from Tegeliften’s (D9) upper station down through the forest, past wooden figures and stories. There’s a red slope at the end of Vildmarksstigen, so if your child is not ready for it, you can take them between your legs for the rest of the run. You can head on over to the other side of the chair lift and ride a little further on a blue slope before the finishing red part of the slope. See Skistar’s piste map for options.

Barbecue area: Yupp. | Heated cabin: At the Tegelliften (D9) lower station. | Toilet: Outhouses at the heated cabin. | Nearest restaurant: Tegetornet at Tegeliften’s lower station, Mr. Bramwells at Tegeliften’s top station.


Lots of fun in Björnlandet.

Skiing, wohoo!

Great day in the slopes.

Family fun in Björnlandet!

Lovely view over Åre ski area.

⛷ Rödkullen’s children’s area

Ski map for Rödkullen >>

Rödkullen is connected to the centre of Åre’s ski system. Here you’ll find a large parking area, but you can also take the ski bus from the Kabinbana or take the chair lift VM8an (Å22) and then ski to Rödkullen from there. The latter requires that your child can either turn and stop on their own or that you can ski with your child between your legs. The Rödkulle children’s ski area is divided into two parts, with the restaurant Rautjoxa in between. In the lower ski area which is next to the heated cabin, there is a conveyor belt and the button lift Rödhakeliften (Å16) where there is often a slalom course for the kids. There’s a tobogganing area in the hill closest to the forest near the conveyor belt. When you have grown out of the lower area, the upper area has two parallel, slightly longer button lifts, Ripanliften (Å17). The lift here run in between the trees, so it’s not as easy to get onto the main slope if you fall off. This slope is a favourite that lasts a long time. A wide slope with a perfect decline and usually really good snow. There is a small loop in the woods to try out as well. When it’s time to go even further, jump onto Rödkullen’s (Å19) right lift, get off on your right at the first stop and it’ll take you straight into the green line of the Snowpark. Or take the Rödkulleliften (Å19) all the way up and enjoy some long, sweeping carving turns in the slope Röde Orm (Red Snake).

Barbecue area: Yes, at both ski areas. | Heated cabin: At the lower children’s area. | Toilet: In the heated cabin. | Nearest café: Holiday Shop in the heated cabin, restaurant Rautjoxa between the upper and lower children’s area.

⛷ Valle’s Ski Adventure

From the chair lift VM8an’s (Å22) upper station, a flood lit slope winds it’s way all the way down to VM8an’s valley station. Pictures are projected onto the snow here and speakers play music. It’s open during the day, but it’s a lot more fun in the evening when the lights and the music are on. It’s open when VM8an is open for evening skiing.

⛷ Björnen’s children’s area

Ski map for Björnen >>

To the far east of the ski system you’ll find Björnen, you can take the ski bus here or park close to the slopes. Björnen is an area largely built for children. The area is centered around two conveyor belts, a public barbecue place and some playing features, the perfect meeting point. From here you reach three easier button lifts for the kids to practice on before heading on to the longer button lift, Vargenliften (B42). By the button lift Nalleliften (B45) you will find Lilla Björnlandet, a small loop in between the trees with forest creatures to meet and greet. If you turn left instead of right when you reach the top of Nalleliften, there is usually a slalom course to try out. When it’s time to head up to the Björnlandet theme slope, take the T-bar Järvenliften (B44). This one suits best when the children are be able to turn and stop on their own, but as there are so many places to stop and look around, it also works well to guide your children between your legs. It’s an easy-going slope with a fairly easy decline and lot’s of wooden animals to stop and talk to.

In Björnen there are many blue and green slopes close to the children’s ski area giving them loads of time to work on their skiing skills. If you have older children with you, there is a Kids park with rollers and jumps in the upper part of Björnbacken – between the lifts Björnenliften (B40) and Vargenliften (B42). Next step forward is to take the chair lift Sadelexpressen (B37) which will give you access to the rest of the skiing in Åre on Åreskutan.

Barbecue area: Yes, both by the conveyor belts and between the lifts Lokattliften (B41) and Nalleliften (B45) | Heated cabin: By the button lift Mårdenliften (B43) closest to the centre of Björnen. | Toilet: In the heated cabin and by the Järvenliften (B44) | Nearest restaurant: Carins Krog close to the conveyor belts, Café Idet at Järvenliften (B44), Mr Bramwells where you get off Vargenliften (B42) and Björnenliften (B40).

TIP 1: In Björnen some of the slopes are flood lit and there is night skiing some nights of the week and also longer opening hours during school Holidays. Super exciting to go skiing under a star lit sky!

TIP 2: Ski school is available in all of the kid’s ski areas in Åre, sometimes the best option is to hire a pro on skiing pedagogy 😉

TIP 3: Take a day of skiing in one of the smaller ski areas surrounding Åre for new views and experiences.

Last updated 6 November 2023