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Photo: Anette Andersson

Winter Holiday time!

The Winter Holiday is here and it’s time for all children, small and grown-up alike, to enjoy all the activities that Åre has to offer. Here are our best tips for a fun Winter holiday in Åre. Nibble on waffles, take a guided tour, eat fantastic chocolates or ride a Snow Bike – the options are plenty!

#1 Ski in the Children’s Areas

Åre’s largest children’s ski area is in Björnen with magic carpets, button lifts, a sledding slope, easy snowpark elements and Björnlandet (Land of the Bears) where the children can meet the entire bear family and other animals.

In Rödkullen there is a magic carpet and a short button lift in the lower children’s area and longer button lifts with forest tracks and slalom course in the upper. Valle has his own ski country with adventure course here as well.

Tegefjäll has a button lift and a magic carpet on the lower side of the E14 road. In Tegefjäll there’s also the exciting Vildmarksstigen (Wilderness Trail) with forest skiing and tree animals which starts from the top of the Tegeliften.

In Duved, the children’s area is located to the east of the chair lift Linbanan. Next to the button lift Torpliften you will also find a magic carpet for the smallest children.

All the children areas have outdoor fire places and tables with benches where you can bring your own food to barbecue, or sit down with a thermos filled with hot chocolate and some quick bites.

All children under 7 years who use a helmet ski free of charge. And if you see Valle the Snow Man – make him happy by waving or forming your hands into a heart.

#2 Munch on Chocolates at Åre chokladfabrik

Drop by the factory shop and café Åre chokladfabrik in Björnänge, there is no place where a hot cocoa tastes better than here! Sample their handmade and delicious chocolates and bring all the favorites home with you.

#3 Cross-Country Skiing & Waffles

At the XC Arena in Björnen you’ll find flat and hilly, short and long cross-country tracks. In other words, there’s something for everyone! Halfway along the one-kilometre track there’s a wind shelter and barbecue area directly adjacent to the 3,5,7,10 and 15 kilometre trails. 

Along the 10 kilometre trail you can make a turn towards Bergstugan at Fröå Gruva (the old mine). Bergstugan has daily lunch specials, waffles and drinks so look for the sign about halfway along the trail.

The Duved trails are hillier but the 2,5 kilometre track is suitable for children. 

In Ullådalen, the longer track is rather hilly but there’s an easier option if you turn left about 200 meters from the parking lot. After about two kilometres you’ll find Lillåstugan’s Waffle House which is a big attraction. Reward yourself with lovely waffles and hot chocolate. 

For more information on ski trails with different lengths, difficulty, maps and preparation for cross-country and ski touring trails, go to 

#4 Fly amongst the tree tops

Zipline is an adventure where you fly above the beautiful nature surrounding Mt. Åreskutan while hanging in a harness from wire cables. There are two different courses to chose from with green or black level of difficulty.

Take a tour in Ullådalen.

Darren Hamlin

Wallow in waffles.

Explore Åre

Go skiing in the children's areas.

Anette Andersson

Try some locally produced chocolates.

Åre Chokladfabrik

#5 Take a Swim!

At Holiday Club’s Swim World you’ll have the time to ski and swim on the same day – the facility is open all day long Please note that you need to book in advance.

At Copperhill Mountain Lodge there’s a SPA with different swimming pools and saunas. There are with special opening hours for children.

#6 Feed a Reindeer

Follow Explore Åre on a tour to meet the reindeers. Get close to the animals, feed them, practice throwing a lasso and take a break by the fire. This is an experience for the whole family!

#7 Hang Out at the Library

Take a break and wind down after the day’s activities with a good book. The library is located at the Åre Station House. Make yourself comfortable and read aloud with your children or make some time for yourself.

#8 Fun & Games

Find a game or maybe a jigsaw puzzle at Lattjo Toystore in the Station House. At Holiday Club you can play mini golf, bowling and more.

#9 Visit Magical Waterfalls

Ristafallet, or Glupafallet as it was called in the movie about Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter, is located close to Åre. When it freezes in the winter it is a magical sight for children and grown-ups alike. To the west of Åre, you’ll find Sweden’s largest waterfall, Tännforsen. Seeing the fantastic ice formations is really amazing experience. You can drive to both waterfalls on your own or book a tour with a guide to find out more about these magnificent natural sights.

#10 Try Ice Sculpting

Create beautiful ice formations with your children or friends. When booking this creative experience you will get your own block of ice, tools and help from an instructor how to master this craftsmanship.

#11 Ride a Snowbike

Bicycling and skiing in one! Book a course with Explore Åre and learn everything you need to enjoy this slightly odd and fun activity.

#12 Go fast!

Experience the mountains in a new way from the snowmobile, a snow quad or by electric bike with fat tires. With the help of an engine the whole family can venture further out in nature to enjoy spectacular views over the mountains. Usually popular among both big and small speed lovers. Find out more >>

#13 Jump Around at JumpYard

Climbing, jumping or hang gliding through the hall in a harness – does it sound like fun? It is! Try new things and have endless fun whether you’re young or an adult. The trampoline arena JumpYard is open for everyone. During holiday times we recommend to make a reservation in advance.

Last updated 21 January 2022