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Photo: SkiStar

4 x Impressive pistes in Åre

That feeling… When your skis carve through the perfectly groomed corduroy in a rolling piste and every turn is exactly as it should be. If a scout for the movies were to see you in that moment, you’d be headhunted. We’ve picked out four slopes that’ll give you that feeling.


Early morning or early evening skiing is the way to go for a really nice, long and fairly steep run. A long and beautiful slope that’ll give your thighs a proper workout. To reach Gästrappet (piste 57), take the VM8an lift up and keep to the right when you get off.

Viksvängen to Sadelleden to Högåsbacken

From Sadelexpressen’s upper lift station down to the valley station is one of the most beautiful pistes in Åre and Björnen. Follow the slope under the lift (piste 108) a bit before intersecting right under the lift (piste 109), following the transport run to Högåsbacken (piste 110). The conditions here are usually pretty good throughout the day.

View over Lundsrappet, Störtloppet and Gästrappet.

Niclas Vestefjell

Pretty sweet slope.

Niclas Vestefjell

That feeling..!

Anette Andersson

Challenging skiing on Hummelbranten.

Anette Andersson


The most beautiful piste in Duved with perfect conditions to build speed, to ride it out, to build speed, to ride it out and so on. Big and beautiful carving turns are the best just after Hamrelift’s top descent. You’ll reach Hamrebacken (Piste 2) either by the tow lift or the Linbanan lift. If you choose the Linbanan, keep to the right until you reach the Hamreliften upper lift station and then continue Hamrebacken all the way down to Hamreliften valley station. If you’re looking for a shortcut, turn left into Linbanan valley station.


When the higher area of the Åreskutan mountain is open and the Tväråvalvslift is running, Tväråvalvbacken (piste 83) is the place to be. A red piste and a perfect slope with only natural snow winding down from the peak of Mt. Åreskutan.

Last updated 1 August 2023


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