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Photo: Anette Andersson

7 x great springtime tips

Here are 7 tips for how to best enjoy springtime in Åre. Out and enjoy!

#1 Spring skiing

The afternoons offer fantastic skiing as the sun sets its gaze and warms up the snow. The whole mountain turns into a slushy,  easy-going ride and the backside is a real springtime favourite!

#2 Waffles & coffee

There is nothing like a well-deserved coffee break and a tasty waffle after a good ride. There are plenty of slope restaurants with large sun facing verandas throughout the ski system. For a larger excursion, visit Lillåstugans Våffelbruk in Ullådalen, Bergstugan at Fröå Gruva or Vita Renen in Renfjället.

#3 Sun pit hangouts

Pack your backpack with coffee, a shovel and a sleeping mat. Dig a pit and enjoy the sun for the rest of the day – good chocolate and oranges are always a classic accessory. P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

#4 Backside to Huså

A fun skiing adventure is a trip to the small, genuine ski area Gruvbacken in Huså, located on the backside of Mt. Åreskutan. Go up or get towed to the top and from there follow the marked ski trail to Huså. The trail has different degrees of difficulty, but with some moderate ski skills you’ll make it down without any problems. Enjoy lunch at the Den Djupa Gruvans Krog and take a ride in Huså before the snowcat takes you back to Stendalsliften in Åre’s ski system.

#5 Out on tour

There are few ways to experience the soothing ways of the mountains as when you’re touring. Embark on your own journey in the mountains and enjoy the solitude and silence of the magnificent environments at your own pace. You’ll find several enjoyable touring trails in Ullådalen, Vålådalen and Edsåsdalen.

#6 Ice fishing

Buy a fishing license and pack your backpack with coffee and something to sit on. Trout and Char are found in almost all waters, but some recommendations are Greningen. You can reach Greningen from Duved, or easily from Lake Åresjön. If you’re lucky, you’ll be bringing home dinner!

#7 Skate skiing in Ullådalen

After a cold night comes the perfect morning for skate skiing throughout the mountains and across its beautiful landscape. A classic spot is in Ullådalen!

Last updated 20 March 2020