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Ski touring in Åre

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

To the top!

Let go of the lift, tight your skins, adjust your poles and head to the top. Here are some tips for those who want to get started with a little ski touring or randonnée in Åre.

There’s something about climbing a mountain on your own devices and earning your turns. Gaining one vertical meter after another. Seeing the target approaching. Having a goal. Of course, we don’t want to be without the reward and of course the reward will be in the form of a perfect powdery ride. Get some pictures from the trip up and a reminder of the conquered peak that burns your retinas when you look back it. So, if it’s downhill or climbing that’ll give you the most happiness, here are some tips for those who want to head to the top.

# Test trip to Mt. Åreskutan’s peak

A perfect opportunity to test your equipment for greater adventures without letting go of the safety of civilization. It’s 180 vertical metres from the cable car and gondola mountain station up to Mt. Åreskutan’s peak. The path there is marked and easy to find in good weather (if it’s a whiteout day with a bad view, cancel the trip). In addition, Toppstugan is open when the lifts in the high zone are open and the weather permits = perfect reward for the struggle up (and recovery) before the trip down.

# The great beyond

If you want to explore and discover new sides of Mt. Åreskutan or other places where lifts don’t even exist, the best tip is to hire a guide. They keep track of the weather, wind, avalanche conditions and take you to the best rides with the best experiences.


Heading to the top.

Well deserved rest.

The reward..!

Lot´s of yummy energy.

Ski touring in Åre.

# Organised evening Randonnée

Åre’s got a couple of options for you to try out. One is on a lit piste and the other with a headlamp on a reflex trail.

Illuminated piste: Tour all the way up to VM8an’s mountain station then enjoy the ride down to Gästrappet one evening a week during the high season. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can book a guided tour with SkiStar Experience, which includes skis with randonné bindings, skins and backpacks.

Tracked path: There’s a reflex trail in Björnen through the forest up in Förberget and you’ll need a headlamp to find your way there. The trail begins in the forest between the Lokattliften (the key lift that goes under the road) and the crossroad to Fröå Gruva. The tour is a little bit tricky, so a hot tip is to hang along with the Skidcenter ÅreBjörnen on a guided tour for the first time. You can rent equipment and get technical tips with them as well.

Last updated 1 February 2019


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