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Go for a Walk in Åre

Go for a walk! Walking and hiking are good activities for the heart and soul, literally and in a more philosophical sense. And we don’t need to walk for miles on difficult mountain trails to feel the benefits of increasing our heart rate a bit. Sometimes it’s enough to just take a stroll with the kids, our partner, or the dog. Here are some suggestions for walking around Åre.

From Åre Square to Tott Hotel

Start your route from Åre torg. Walk uphill along Stationsvägen towards the E14 (the European highway). As Stationsvägen turns to the right after just a couple of hundred meters, you can see a tunnel under the E14 on your left. Walk through the tunnel and find the path through the woods, cross a bridge and follow the path upwards until you reach Tott hotel (you cannot miss it). If you wish, you can continue upwards via Trollstigen through the pine woods to Fjällgården. Or walk downwards along Tottvägen until you reach the place where it intersects with Kurortsvägen. Make a right turn and follow Kurortsvägen to Årevägen which will take you back to the square. If you wish, you can also walk from Tott Hotel through beautiful Tottbyn (the Village of Tott) as described below.

Tottens by/ Village of Tott

This was once one of the three villages that later merged to became Åre village. Some of the houses here have been the same for generations and walking through the village is well worth the time. Start at Tott Hotel and walk the gravel road in the direction towards Östersund. Take the same road back or continue along Totthyllan (a newer area), downwards via Granlidsvägen and Tottebovägen, and walk along Kurortsvägen back to the center of Åre.

The Beach Route

Starting at the Marina, located next to the bridge that crosses the railroad next to Coop and Systembolaget, there is a nice promenade along the beach. Start by the Marina and walk along the promenade between the lake and the residential area (cottages). Continue all the way to Holiday Club hotel and pass the building. Round the building and use the elevated railroad crossing to get back to the center of Åre. Needless to say, you can walk in the opposite direction as well.

Niclas Vestefjell

Jonas kullman

Niclas Vestefjell

Karl Johans väg/Karl Johan’s Road

This is not a long walk but nice all year round. Walk along Årevägen from Åre Square towards the church  and turn left after passing the parish house St Olavsgården. Follow Kurortsvägen upwards for a bit and after about 100 meters, make a right turn onto Karl Johans väg. This is a residential area and after passing the last house, you will be back on Årevägen. Make a right turn again to walk back towards Åre center.

The Funicular Sweep

Start at Åre Square and keep to the right while passing the Funicular Station. Between the tracks and Restaurant Broken there’s a road that will lead on to Tottvägen and Hotel Granen. Walk pass the hotel and walk Tottvägen all the way to Tott Hotel. You will see some of Åre’s most interesting buildings along the way. If you want a longer stroll you can take the route via Tott Hotel described under From Åre Square to Tott Hotel above in the opposite direction. Walk across the bridge behind Tott Hotel and round the hotel to find the path down.

Try the Pilgrim Trail St Olavsleden

St Olavsleden is a well-known pilgrimmage from Selånger in the East to Trondheim in the West. Pilgrims, wanting to visit the grave of the Saint Olav den helige, have traveled along this route for nearly 1000 years. The entire route measures 564 kilometers so it’s a bit of a walk. But of course, you don’t have to walk the entire stretch. You can start at Åre’s old church, walk along St Olavs väg (that changes its name to Årevägen after a while) and continue westwards, for as long as you like.

Click the map below to get an interactive version of the map (Google Maps).

Last updated 11 August 2023