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Åre in a new perspective

Lake Ottsjön

Photo: Fjällkajakcenter


Photo: Holiday Club

Lake Åresjön

SUP paddling on Åre's beautiful waters

Being a beginner is always tricky, and it’s no different on a SUP board. It wobbles, you wobble, and balance is unpredictable. Fortunately, Åre has both excellent guides to teach you technique and the perfect waters to practice on. If you are already an experienced SUP paddler, bring out Google Maps and find yourself a promising Paddle point and get out there. 

With the right technique and positioning on the board, SUP is the ultimate tool for easy paddling on Åre’s still waters. From when the ice melts in May until it starts to set in November, SUP paddlers are seen on the lake Åresjön, surrounding lakes, tarns and small rivers. During the somewhat colder months we recommend wetsuits, boots and maybe even gloves, in addition to a life jacket that should be on anytime you are out on the water..

There is both small and bigger adventures to try on the waters surrounding Åre. If you try a trip along the still rivers in the western part of Jämtland the chances are good to see a beaver. Paddling straight out on Åresjön you can reach good bird lake areas up the stream from Åre and smooth, sandy beaches on the south side of the lake paddling down the stream. The majestic view over Åre and Åreskutan seen from the other side of the lake is a beautiful experience all in itself. Just be sure to keep track on the weather forecast, both before and during your trip. The weather changes rapidly in these areas and even a mild wind can make it considerably more difficult to keep a steady course and make it safely back to shore, specially on a wobbly SUP board.

Rentals and Guided Tours

Puls ÅreÅreguidernaExplore Åre, Vöks Outdoor and Fjällkajakcenter at lake Ottsjön, south from Åre, rent out boards and offer guided tours. If you rent an inflatable SUP-board you can bring it to your choice of beach surrounding Åre. A better beach toy is hard to find for anyone who gets restless from just lying on the beach. Explore Åre also has basic courses and camps. If you are staying at the Holiday Club, the SUP boards can be included in your stay, and during the winter they run SUP yoga and other forms of SUP training indoors in the swimming pool.

Good to have:

  • Life vest
  • Wet suit
  • Small backpack
  • Waterproof packing bags
  • Water bottle and a snack

Last updated 5 March 2024

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