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Northern Lights

Niclas Vestefjell

Midnight "Sunset"

Darren Hamlin

Wonders of light

The light is one of the unique experiences that Åre has to offer. Whether it be sparkling clear winter nights with the Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky or the midnight sun, well, almost.

Midsummer the sun is up for twenty hours and thirty minutes. The other three hours and thirty minutes it is still light enough outside that you could read a newspaper! Christmas Eve the sun is only up for four and a half hours. The remaining nineteen and a half hours are not as dark as you might imagine thanks to the white snow that blankets the landscape.

Crispy cold short days

During the winter months you can stop at one of the cabins on the mountain. A crackling warm fire will greet you, the flames flickering light onto the wooden walls. The scent of birch and traditional coffee fills the cabin. April is the time to put the sunscreen on and wear dark sunglasses. The suns glare from the snow covered mountains is strong.

Dazzling dancing colours

Autumn is the season of colours. Pitch a tent beside a river or lake, light a fire and catch a fish for your dinner. The flames of the fire will flicker against the deep autumn twilight. You will see many shades of orange, brown and red. The smoke and the smell of the fire will add to the autumnal feeling. In the morning you peek out of your tent to be greeted by a mist that lays over the land, locked in battle with the sun. A yellow haze hangs heavy in the air.

Last updated 5 October 2017


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