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Bringing your dog to Åre

Bringing your dog to Åre is easy! Jämtland is one of Sweden’s most dog-dense areas per capita and Åre is of course no exception. And it is easy to bring your four-legged friend to Åre even when you are visiting. We’ve put together a Q & A that provides answers to some questions you may have as a dog owner visiting Åre.

Where can I stay with my dog?

Many accommodations in Åre allow dogs in the apartments/rooms. It’s best to contact the accommodation you’re interested in, in advance. Holiday ClubCopperhill Mountain Lodge, and Åre Fjällsätra, for example, welcomes pets and have a certain number of dog rooms.

Is there a Veterinarian in Åre?

Yes, in Duved is the Veterinärkliniken Åredalen, in Såå you’ll find Åre Djurklinik and Snövit veterinärmottagning is in Undersåker.

Where can I buy dog food in Åre?

All the Veterinary Clinics above have dog food and some other treats for the dog. Åredalens hundsport westwards from Duved has a large selection of food, treats, toys, leashes, harnesses, and other accessories for dogs. A certain range of food and treats for dogs is also available at the grocery stores in the area.

Can I let my dog go without a leash everywhere?

No, according to Åre Municipality’s website, leashes generally apply in public places, and in non-public places the dog must be marked with a collar or ID marking so that the owner can be identified. Remember that your dog must be on a leash in the mountain. Even the smallest and most caring dogs will chase after reindeer, grouse, and other animals. It may be a new situation for your dog and it may react in unexpected ways. General rules for leashing are available on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s website. There is, on the other hand, a dog kennel in Järpen.

Is there a café I can bring my dog to?

Åre Kafferosteri is dog-friendly. Your furry friend is also welcome at Grädda. If you’re ever unsure, just ask if you dog is welcome inside.

Can I bring my dog with me in Kabinbanan?

Yes, One of the cabin lanes allows dogs. Just tell the cashier that you want to go up with the dog and they will place you in the right cabin.

What about other lifts?

There are special gondolas that you can ride in with a dog. If you’re taking the Bergbanan, it’s important to stand in the designated place. In the chairlifts, it’s important that you have good control of your dog, that you can lift your dog on and off yourself, and that it’s safe for them to ride the lift.

Can I take my dog with me on the Cross-Country track?

Yes, as long as your dog doesn’t run on or through the prepared tracks, but beside them. If for some reason it’s not allowed to have your dog on the track, there will be signs. It’s up to you to pick up after your dog wherever it goes, so make sure to always have a bag with you. If you forgot a bag, try to shovel the pile out of the groomed area. It’s not a nice experience tramping through somebody’s dog’s remnants.

Can I bring my dog on the slopes with me?

No, It is not allowed to have a dog on the ski slopes.

Are there ticks in Åre?

No, not in general, but there are examples of individual ticks that have bitten people. It may be helpful to review your dog’s tick protection. If you’re here during the summer, some dogs may find Black Flies annoying and may experience redness around their bites, but they usually disappear within a day.

NOTE! Please, pick up after your dog regardless of where you are or what the weather is — for everyone’s sake. 🙂