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Photo: Anette Andersson

April in Åre - Our best tips

April in Åre – the fifth season, a feast for all who love the mountains… Among the winter months of the year we save the best one for last. It is in this month that our ski touring equipment, backpacks, spades, tinder boxes and lunch packages are all packed for outings. We just wish to get out, enjoy the sun, the sorbet snow and work on that gorgeous goggle tan while we’re at it. Here are ten tips for activities in April in Åre!

1. Dig a sun pit

For those of you who read the March-list, yes this one was on there too. The sun pit is somewhat of an institution in the Nordic countries and so it is a must-do when the sun comes out during the fifth season. Bring fika, drinks, a small spade and a sit pad and get out there. Use the digital trail map Åre Trails to find your favorite trail, strap your skis on and find a nice spot to dig your pit, preferrably in a south-facing and wind sheltered location. Don’t forget sunglasses, a solid coating of sunscreen and leave nothing behind but your sun pit and ski tracks.

2. Take a tour of the town

Buy some lovely yarn, find a second hand bargain, buy a souvenir, shop for ski clothes, find a new style of clothing and enjoy lunch, fika and dinner. To walk around in Åre is a very nice way of spending the day. And remember, there’s more to Åre than what you can see around the central square. Walk towards the church, take a longer route towards the lake or walk to the Swedish National Alpine Arena. Whenever you want, take a break at one of the coffee places or restaurants, or just have a sit-down at the square, in the park or wherever you feel like it.

3. Explore new places

Take a tour to the waterfalls Ristafallet and/or Tännforsen. Go alpine or cross-country skiing in Edsåsdalen, Vålådalen, Huså or Trillevallen. Visit the Fröå mining area (Fröå gruva) or go to Duved and explore the village, the slopes and the ski trails. You have many options if you’d like to see something other than central Åre. Check out Åre Trails for more information about cross-country and ski touring trails.

4. Walk on snow

Perhaps you associate snow shoes with the old wooden frames with ropes and leather bindings from the 1940s. But snow shoes have developed just as other winter equipment and snow shoe walking is a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors.

5. Walk up – ski down

Ski Touring is the ultimate way for experiencing the fifth season, vårvinter in Swedish, the period between winter and spring. When the weather is at its best, you can enjoy an easy tour up and feel the sun on your bare arms and still enjoy skiing cool, crystal snow on top. On your way down, the snow quality will gradually become more like sorbet than powder – it’s a wonderful skiing experience. If you feel unsure of going out for the first time it’s a good idea to book a guided tour, which you can find more information about here. You can also go ski touring in the ski area; See more here>>. 

Ski Touring in April in Åre.

Anette Andersson

Touring is a great way of spending time in Åre.

Lisa Johansson

Enjoy cold snow at the top and sorbet slush below.

Anette Andersson

A fika in a sun pit is the best fika there is.

Lisa Johansson

6. Find your spot on a sunny terrace

Activities in all their glory, but after a long winter you just want to soak up the nice weather sitting in a sunny spot at an outdoor terrace. You choose whether it will be a place on the mountain, at the bustling Åre square or at home at the cottage knot. In the lee it will get warmest, and it can be nice to have a blanket or extra piece of clothing at hand in case of rapid weather changes.

7. Enjoy a great breakfast

Long, sunny days on the mountain require a solid meal to start out the day. Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it can also be the tastiest. And the best version might be the one where someone else has prepared it. Find our tips on where to eat an enjoyable breakfast here. 

8. Heat up in the sauna

In April, the temperatures might be rising but the chill can still creep under your skin, especially as April’s typical weather can vary from sunny and warm to snow storm and minus 10° C in no time. So what’s more fitting than heating up in a sauna? Combine the experience with some yoga or an ice bath, or just enjoy this Nordic tradition as it is. See more here>>

9. Tour around Mt. Åreskutan

The Åreskutan Runt trails is old and well-used and offers a fantastic tour both summer and winter. The circa 19 kilometres might not be an option for those who have never tried skiing before but with a little experience you can get around. Start in Ullådalen and take the trail around Västerskutan towards Bjelkes Gruva. If you wish to shorten the tour you can stop in Huså, otherwise, continue all the way around. Find out more about the tour at the digital trail map Åre Trails and read more about ski touring here.

10. Close the mountain

Well, not literally. The ski area and its lifts in Åre will operate until May 1 and it is so worth it to ski until the final lift chair has been parked. So make the most of the season and keep on skiing until the spring is definitely here. Make sure to check the opening hours at SkiStar’s website first hand.

Ski area closing dates season 2023/24:
Duved/Tegefjäll: April 14th
Björnen: April 14th
Åre Village and Åreskutan: May 1st

Subject to change.

11. Experience an event

Since some time we have longed for going to a concert, participating in a race, cheering as part of an audience. April in Åre is the most eventful month of the year and no wonder, one sure wants to squeeze the best and most out of this month. So what will it be for you? Sweaty festival concerts? Speed suit in a downhill race? Gastronomic frenzy? Or cheering on Olympic stars? Check out the full list of events in Åre.

Last updated 12 September 2023