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Alpine Skiing in Åre Sweden

Alpine skiing in Åre is in some ways different from skiing in places like the Alps or North America. The mountains are rounder, we have other weather and snow conditions and the location pretty far North gives us varying light throughout the season. In short, a more exotic skiing experience.

The ski area in Åre has a great variation with something for everyone. The pistes go from easy greens and playful kid’s areas through winding blue and reds for great carving to some black slopes for the more daring. In total Åre has 42 ski lifts and 89 slopes, with 890 meters vertical drop from top to bottom this equals a lot of skiing in Scandinavia’s largest ski resort. Add to that two snowparks built together with Olympic medalist Jesper Tjäder, an downhill slopes built for World Championships, off piste skiing out into the great white open and a huge range of other activities such as dog sledding and snow mobile tours…

The 89 pistes are spread out in the centrally located Åre By ski area, the connecting Björnen ski area and the Duved and Tegefjäll areas (about 10 km west of Åre) which are easily reached by skibus or car. You find most of the steeper slopes in the Åre By area, closest to the village Åre. Beginners have easier access into the slopes in Björnen to the East, in Rödkullen which is West from Åre or in Duved/Tegefjäll. Each of these areas have parkings next to them and ski busses running regularly. Check out the ski map here to find your way around.

To reach the higher parts of the mountain Åreskutan you use either the cable car Kabinbanan, or you take the connecting lifts VM8:an (chair lift) and Gondolen (gondola lift). It is also possible to take the tow lifts from Rödkullen via Ullådalen, Stendalen and Tväråvalvet to reach the top from the West. The higher parts of Åreskutan is subject to tougher weather conditions than the lower parts of the ski area. Due to wind it is for periods not safe to be up here and therefore the lifts are sometimes not open. But when they are, you have a beautiful scenery to enjoy with vast sights of mountains and lakes many kilometers away. A trip with the cable car is well worth the journey itself.

Long winter season

Winter season in Åre usually starts at the end of November, when the snow conditions are good enough for good skiing and finishes at the end of April. The ski area opens up gradually as the different slopes are filled with enough snow. It takes a bit longer to prepare the slopes in the higher mountain region, so these usually open up a little later. Days are short in the North during December and January and temperature can drop to around -20C, but the scenery is magnificent with trees heavy from snow, colourful skies with pink sunsets already in the afternoon, a snowclad village and good chances to experience Aurora Borealis. Skiing days are prolonged with flood lit slopes and lifts open in the evening, you can even go for a dinner in the slopes with ski boots on!

Through February and March days grow longer, temperatures rise a bit and skiing is at its prime, often there are a lot of snowfalls during this period and the off piste is easy to access. Around Easter Spring arrives to Åre, and with it the favourite part of the season for most locals. April is filled with events such as music festivals and fun ski races but also warm weather to stay outside on the mountain, have pique nique in the sun or enjoy drinks on a sunny terrace.

Find food in the mountain

Åre is famous for its vibrant food scene, and it stretches out also on the mountain. Lunch restaurants are easily accessible in most parts of the ski area, most places serve à la carte at the table and have a varying selection of high quality food. Look out for “today’s specials” which usually are good deals to fill up hungry skiers’ tummies. There is most often also a kid’s menu for the younger ones.

We have collected some more valuable basic information how to navigate on skis in Åre here.

For ski passes, updated information about the weather and which lifts are currently operating, visit Skistar.

Explore the Åre ski area, and beyond

A hot tip is to really give yourself some time to explore the ski map and head out on a tour through the entire ski area to find the area that suits you and your ski buddies. There are ski buses to take you from one location to an other. If you are unsure of where to go to really find that favorite place of yours, don’t hesitate to ask the locals and the lift staff.

While in Åre, there are also other ski areas close by to explore. Edsåsdalen and Trillevallen are smaller hills around Åre, perfect for family days on skis with a calmer ambiance, or just to variate the scenery for a day or two. Vålådalen has some of Sweden’s best cross country skiing tracks where the Swedish national teams often go to train.

Get to know more about Åre ski area at skistar.com

Frosty view at the top.

Niclas Vestefjell

Full speed in Störloppet.

Anette Andersson

Playful skiing in Björnen.

Anette Andersson

Fresh pow - happy face!

Anette Andersson

Last updated 27 March 2024


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