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Åre Glashytta

Gårdsgalleri Anna Cronheden

Photo: Pernilla Hammar Rognøy

Åre Ljusfabrik

An artisans tour

Åre is loaded with creative souls. Here are four places that are easy to reach by car.

# Åre Glashytta

Let’s start our trip in Duved at Åre Glashytta in the station house. The glass melting furnace is hot almost every day of the year and when we say hot, it’s not just figurative. An old brick house with high ceilings, glasses, bowls, vases, ornaments are created in a never-ending stream. A hot tip is the Olympia glass made with a small coloured edge with different colours on each glass. Perfect if you want to keep track of your glass at a dinner party.

# Gårdsgalleri Anna Cronheden

Åre artist Anna Cronheden has created her gårdsgalleri in Tegefjäll. A cosy space filled with Anna’s acrylic or mixed technique canvases in different sizes covering the walls. Shelves with cards, tiles, saucepans, cutting boards, textile printing and everything else she designs and produces. Every piece is unique.

# Åre Ljusfabrik

Turn off E14 towards Undersåker and you’ll find Åre Ljusfabrik, a timber house just by the road. Hand piled classic candlesticks and the original Åre Ljusfabrik mountain peak shape, in different sizes and thicknesses. To set a mountain peak candle in the middle of any table is to create a majestic piece of art.

# Kaki

You’ll find the Kaki handicraft store in the centre of Åre. Custom wool pieces in the form of caps, ponchos and mittens all knitted by hand or by a small machine. There’s nothing better than warm, colourful, home-made clothing. In addition, the store is packed with yarns, accessories and ideas for your own creativity.

Other crafts?

Many of Åre’s creative souls sit at home in their own nooks and crannies making bracelets, jewellery, ceramics and artwork, and for this reason it may be difficult to find the perfect piece. To find some of these locally made hidden gems, visit Åre Hemslöjd in the centre of Åre.

One last thing! Check out the opening hours of the places before heading out, they may not be open regular hours or regular days.

Last updated 7 August 2023

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