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Find your top shape in the 10k track in Björnen.

Photo: Anette Andersson

Get in long distance shape in Åre

Get in your top shape cross country skiing in Åre. It’s important to get in as many miles under your belt before skiing long-distance cross country races like the world famous Vasaloppet. Listed below is a couple of tracks perfect for building up your endurance.

# 10K in Björnen

Here’s a decent track to train both double poling and endurance on. The 10 km track in Björnen is relatively friendly in the sense that it offers fairly long and steep uphill slopes and fairly long and steep downhill slopes. They’re extra friendly if you choose to follow the signs “easier way out on the tracks” and “easier way home” (doing so will even shorten the track to about 9,5 km…).

Variations: Since the 10 km track starts and ends with the 3 and 5 km tracks, there can be a lot of people right at the beginning and at the end. Another option is to turn onto the 15 km track. This 5 km loop starts and ends at the same place so if you want, take a few laps before returning to the Track Centre.

Lit tracks: The whole 10 km is not lit the whole way so when it’s dark, take the 5 km track. A tip is to run the last loop (where the tracks meet on the way to and from) a few times before returning to the Track Centre. The tracks are lit between 07:00 – 22:00.

# 10K in Duved

Here’s a really nurturing track. We usually say that the 7 km track in Duved is like the 10 km in Björnen. Add a couple extra kilometres on top and you’ve got yourself a slightly more challenging 10K-track. The 10k track in Duved is an actual 10.5 km and the 10k in Björnen is 9.9 km. So, the track in Duved is all about building your fitness and stamina and there are some really good stretches for double poling in Duved too.

Variations: If you want to hit it a little harder, add an extra loop out on the 15 km track. You’ll have a great uphill with an added bonus of being nearly completely alone.

Lit tracks: The tracks in Duved are lit up till the 7km track between 07:00 – 22:00. But, since the 7 km in Duved is like the 10K in Björnen, it’s a great training alternative outside daylight hours.

NOTE! You need a track card to for cross country skiing in Åre. The same track card is valid for all tracks in Duved, Ullådalen and Björnen. Some SkiPass includes track cards. See SkiStar’s website for more information.

Fine tuning technique.

Don't forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Björnen offers excellent training conditions.

Take a break!

# Serpentinen in Edsåsdalen

When you won’t settle for an ordinary 10K-track and feel like getting away from skiing in the sheltering tree terrain and go further up and out on the mountain, that’s when you go for the Serpentinen (18 km) in Edsåsdalen. This track is an extension of the 10K-track and takes you up to the tree line.

# Årefjällsloppet 55 km

Train cross country skiing like the Åre local and multiple winner of Vasaloppet, Lina Korsgren. The majestic track used in the long distance race Årefjällsloppet starts in Trillevallen and ends in Edsåsdalen, with loads of mountain views on the way. With an ascent of 1300 meters, this is a true showdown for your long distance shape.

# Basically all tracks in Vålådalen

So, we promised to list some tracks, but in neighbouring Vålådalen almost every track is suitable for building your long-distance endurance. In addition, Vålådalen is the official Vasaloppscenter with great knowledge of what it takes to master the renowned Vasaloppet race tracks from Sälen to Mora.

Go hard on the lit tracks up to 7 km, build up your fitness on the Interval track (3 km), challenge yourself on the Sapporo track (3.5 + 6.5 km), test Mathias Fredriksson’s favourite track, the Lahti track (10 km) or take a long tour on the Holmenkollen track (17.5 km).

Lit tracks: The lit track in Vålådalen is 7.5 km long but can be shortened at 2, 3, 4 and 5 km. The tracks are lit between 06:00 – 11:00 and 15:00 – 22:00 every day.

Track fee: In the area South from Åre there is a joint track pass valid for cross country skiing on all the tracks in Edsåsdalen, Trillevallen, Ottsjö and Vålådalen. Price and more information is found here.

Technique and equipment

Long distance training in all it’s glory, there is a lot of energy to save on using a good skiing technique. So take the opportunity to become a really good cross country skier while in Åre, with a little help from one of the competent coaches working here. They can also give you advice if there is any part of your equipment that you would serve from updating, and you can test different skis on snow to find out what works best for you. Tips on both ski instructors and gadget experts is found below.

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Last updated 3 August 2023