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Six pulse raising activities

Get out of you comfort zone and challenge yourself. Put the ax in the ice, fly between the treetops (or high above them) or feel the force of a roaring engine. We’ve listed five activities to try for an adrenaline rush outside the ski system. 

# Ice Climbing

Attack an ice fall with crampons and ice axes. In Duved you’ll find up to 18 meters top roped routes. Around the Ristafallet waterfall there is both is climbing and even some ice caves to explore during wintertime when the waterfall is frozen. JoPe Fors & Fjäll, Explore Åre and Äventyrligt take you to the adventure.

# Snow Mobile

Move over vast snowfields and through forests on powerful snow mobiles. Rent your own vehicle or join a guided tour, from two-hour tours to multiple day adventures. Read more about riding a snow mobile in Åre here.

# Zip Line

Travel at the speed of 70 km/h high above the ground on a zip line, winding its way across a deep ravine down the mountain. The black course is a challenge for most people, the green course suits for example younger dare devils. Puls Åre take you down safely.

# Paragliding

Get to see Åre from a bird’s-eye perspective. Paragliding from the top of  the Åreskutan mountain all the way down to the lakeside landing spot is a tremendous experience all year around, but the weather conditions have to be right. More information about paragliding in Åre is found here.

# Ice Driving

Test your driving skills on snow and ice with cars equipped for the mission. Coached by competent instructors not only will you become a better wintertime driver in the future, you will also have great fun during the session in the car! Read up on Ice Driving in Åre here.


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Last updated 5 March 2024