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With a guide you'll see places you might miss otherwise.


Experience driving on a frozen lake.

Arctic Driving

With Fat Bikes you can go biking in the snow.

Åre Fat Bike

Plenty of Snowmobile tours to chose from.

JA Event

Drive on snow or ice

If you have never tried to drive on snow or ice before you should have a go while in Åre! Touring in the mountains is an activity associated with classic ski touring, but there are plenty of other options when it comes to experiencing the great outdoors. Snowmobiles, Snow Quads, Rally Cars and Fat Bikes have great potential so try something new! Here’s a list of activity operators who offer pacey, and maybe a bit different, outdoor experiences.

Snow Quad Tours

Snow Quads are RTV’s equipped with tracks (caterpillar-style) so that they move smoothly through the snowy landscape. Snow Quads are becoming increasingly popular as working vehicles but they’re also great fun to drive. Book a Snow Quad tour and try these flexible vehicles to see what they can do. The company can tailor your experience to your needs and of course, there’s fika and an open fire. Book through Explore Åre / Åre Nature Adventures.

Rally Cars

Drive a car on the frozen lake! This is a must for everyone who likes speed and to test their limits. There’s a difference between driving on a road and drivning on ice. You might think you know all about it but make no mistake – driving on ice is a very different experience (and a lot of fun). Book through Arctic Driving or Puls Camp Åre.


If you wish to get a little cardio out of your tour of the great outdoors, you should go with a fat bike on snow. Fatbikes come with very wide tires making it possible to bike on snow or sand. Adding an electrical engine you also get some assistance getting around in the hilly Åre terrain. Choose between renting a bike to go exploring on your own or book a guided tour with the valuable local navigation expertise included. Book through Åre Bikes or Åre Fatbike.

Snowmobiles – safaris and rentals

Driving a snowmobile can give you a sence of freedom and allow you to experience nature in a new way. You can either rent your own or book a guidad tour to find those magical spots you might miss out on otherwise and get a lunch or something warm to drink by an open fire as a bonus.

Please note that certain rules and laws apply for renting and driving a snow mobile on your own. Contact the rental company of your choice to find out more or read more here >>

Last updated 17 January 2024