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Kayaking & Canoeing in Åre

Kayaking and canoeing in Åre is a great way to experience the outdoors. These lightweight, streamlined watercrafts are great fun and can be used for different purposes. You can rush through fizzling white water rapids, paddle long and hard to boost your heart rate or just slowly glide over mirror-like waters. Here’s your guide for outings in kayaks or canoes, whether you want a challenge or just want to take it easy and enjoy the calm.

What’s the difference?

The kayak and the canoe are relatively alike at first glance. Sure, they’re both lightweight and streamlined and can easily push through the water surface and break through waves, but the differences are actually pretty big.


Canoes, made from wood, spun glass or plastic. They are open from stern to stem and has enough space to accommodate luggage in both ends. The canoe can have up to three seats or seating rods and, as a rule, you’re seated higher above the floor than in a kayak. For canoeing, you use a paddle which has only one blade and a t-shaped handle at the other end for easy handling. You can paddle seated on the seating rods/seats or standing on your knees. Canoes are generally family friendly since children can be seated together with adults.



Kayaks are covered (by a cover made of spun glass for example), watercrafts for one person where you are seated low in the well which is a round opening in the kayak’s cover. You usually have a backrest and in many types of kayaks, for example the longer models that are used out at sea, you steer a rodder with your feet. The paddle is double bladed so that you can paddle easily without having to shift the paddle from one side to the other. The kayak is also better suited for rougher water as it is covered and it breaks waves and wind better than a canoe.

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Rent Equipment

If you just want to go for an outing on your own, bring a picnic and have a nice day with friends or family, you can rent your equipment. There are several operators who can provide kayaks and canoes in Åre. Contact one of the businesses below to find out more.

Book a Guided Tour

Canoe Tours

Kayak Tours

Whitewater – an adrenaline rush!

To go whitewater kayaking is a different matter than paddling in calmer water, but it is plenty of fun! You will need to handle rocks, strong currents and white water that contain so much air it is hard to paddle through. If you are a beginner, a course is definitely recommended. If you have tried whitewater kayaking before you can certainly benefit from booking a guide or an advanced course.

Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater Rafting

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Last updated 6 February 2024