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Robin Wallner

Photo: Niclas Wallner

Cycling Pro Robin Wallner is a versatile cyclist and Åre local as well as one of the brightest stars on the Swedish cycling scene. It’s here in Åre that he charges up between the competitions and it’s where he gets in his favourite rides.

Robin has competed in all disciplines in mountain biking and is extremely all-rounded. Many people probably see him as much as a film & photo cyclist as a racer, perhaps because he has a playful and creative cycling style even when he’s on.

If he is not out competing, you’ll probably come across him in Åre Bike Park, which he has a close connection to after countless rides in the trails. Otherwise, he spends a lot of time at home in the workshop, where, according to his own statement, he is found “more as a rule than an exception”.

Åre is a place of freedom for me. There are all kinds of activities and almost everyone who lives here has a burning hobby, so there is always someone to have fun with!

Favorite place in Åre to ride?

– If I’m going to take a ride from Kabinbanan and down, I love to weave together the 1000m trail – Easyrider – the old WC – Shimano – Tjärnis. It’s absolute world class in drop height, difficulty and also good fun to play on Shimano and Easyrider. It’s also long enough that you really get to get into your own little “bubble” for a while, and then there is something special about stepping out on top of the Kabinbanan on a day when it is windless and quiet.

Describe a perfect riding day in Åre!

– It can be totally different, but it can be a sunny September day, the ground is a bit moist, the queue for the lift is short and I’ve got some good friends with me. Preferably a quick lunch by the lift, time to ride almost every conceivable and unimaginable combinations of trails in the park and maybe round off the day with a bit more cycling and a couple of hard laughs out in the dirt at the end of the night.

Where would you like to be found in Åre Bike Park?

– Probably in the Kabinbanan if you want to exchange a few words, otherwise I rarely stand still. But if you want to look for me on the bike, a hot tip is one of the slightly trickier trails like Tjärnis or Nelson.

Favourite place in Åre when you’re not biking?

– Then I’ll have a coffee at Åre Bikes, checking out anything new to be updated on.

Why should you come to Åre as a tourist/cyclist?

– Cycling has something for everyone, there’s some really educational cycling on Mt. Åreskutan at the same time as the lighter trails are actually really fun nowadays. That there are activities in addition to cycling and skiing, and that the whole gang can have dinner at some really good restaurants in the evening makes Åre unique.

Do you have a nice Åre memory to share?

– This summer’s Åre Bike Festival was really fun where the weather gods showed Åre from its best side and for me personally it was perhaps the most fun film project ever. There was a splash of laughter around every sentence we said to each other during the week, and it also became a pretty fun movie that can be found on Pinkbike, among other places.


  • 14th Overall in the Enduro World Series 2016
  • Best EWS Ranking 7th place – La Thuille, Italy
  • 17th on the first EWS ever – Nale Ligure 2014
  • 6 x Swedish National Downhill Champion
  • 3 x Nordic Downhill Champion
  • European Downhill Champion 2010
  • Winner of the entire IXS-European Downhill Cup 2012
  • Qualified as second in the Hafjell DH World Cup 2012

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Last updated 6 July 2021