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Easter Holidays in Åre

Easter Holidays in Åre! Here are some of our best tips for a great Easter-stay in Åre for the whole family. The most important thing is to relax, enjoy the long days on the mountain, and eat a lot of sweets off course. Fill up the Easter egg with locally produced chocolate, paint an Åre-themed egg and enjoy ski touring and spring skiing.

#1 Maximize your skiing

The Ski Area’s opening hours are extended during the Easter Holidays so you can maximize your skiing, or choose which time of day you wish to enjoy some spring skiing.

Lift opening hours during Easter 2024

  • On Good Friday and Easter Eve, March 29-30, all lifts are open 9.00-18.00 CET.
  • The chairlifts VM8:an in Åre and Duveds Linbana in Duved are open daily from 08.00 CET.
  • Other lifts are open daily from 09.00 to 16.30 CET.

Subject to change due to weather and other circumstances. Go to SkiStar’s website for updated information.

#2 Indulge in waffles

There are a great number of places in Åre that offer delicious Swedish waffles with traditional toppings such as cloud berry jam and whipped cream: Lillåstugans våffelbruk (Lillåstugan’s Waffle Hut) in Ullådalen, Bergstugan at Fröå Mining Area (Bergstugan vid Fröå), Lilla Tyrolen by Järvenliften in Björnen and Vita Renen in Edsåsdalen. Also, Ytterstvallen close to Trillevallen is a great tip if you choose to explore a bit further away from Åre.

#3 Fill up the Easter egg

A visit to Åre Chokladfabrik (Åre Chocolate factory) is a must-do when you’re in Åre, especially during Easter. Visit the factory and shop in Björnänge, purchase some super-tasty delicacies and fill up your Easter egg. Also, you shouldn’t miss bringing some locally produced Easter decorations from the glass works Åre Glashytta and the shop Åre Hemslöjd filled with locally hand crafted items. 

#4 Cross country skiing & ski touring

Cross-country skiing and ski touring are activities closely linked with spending Easter in Åre. There are numerous trails of different length and level of difficulty in and around Åre and Södra Årefjällen, the area South from Åre, that fit most of us. The longer tours can be a bit of a challenge for the smallest skiers but there are trails that are perfectly suited for children and less experienced skiers. Take a look at the digital trail map Åre Trails to find the perfect trail for you. Also, you can read more about cross-country skiing and ski touring in Åre here.

Go skiing!

Photo: Lisa Johansson

Easter decorations in Åre Square.

Photo: Åre Destination

Waffles and sweet treats.

Photo: Åre Destination

A picnic in the sun is hard to beat.

Photo: Lisa Johansson

#5 Explore other ski areas

The villages Edsåsdalen, Trillevallen and Vålådalen are located South from, and relatively close to, Åre and offer beautiful tours of different length and difficulty levels. These areas brings you very close to nature and you can choose whether you wish to use the cross-country trails, embark on a ski tour on the mountain or take some runs in the slopes. Check out Åre Trails to find your favorite trail or read more here about testing a different ski area in Åre.

#6 Paint Åre-themed Easter eggs

This is an activity most of us have had fun with as kids, and as we grow older it can still be a great Easter tradition with family or friends. When in Åre, the creative theme is given: Who paints the funniest skier? Who captures the Cable car in the most realistic way? Perhaps a collaboration to create an entire gondola lift with a number of eggs on a string? Most importantly: an Easter egg filled with sweets is the perfect prize for the winner.

#7 Find a new training routine

Walk up the mountain to exercise off all the Easter candy. With gear for ski touring/randonné you can go touring on designated ski touring trails within the ski area. The trails are prepared and there are a number of different variants to choose from in Åre, Björnen and Duved/Tegefjäll, they are perfect new training rounds! Find more information about the trails and where they are located here.

#8 Easter activity lottery

If your family or group of friends all want to do different things – make an activity lottery jar. Each participant writes down three different activities they want to do on three different pieces of paper and put them in the jar. Mix, and choose one. Everyone has to join the others on whatever activity has been picked out of the jar. Pick a new activity to enjoy until the jar is empty or your stay is over. A tip: Make sure all participants know what defines an ”activity” before you start 😉

#9 Enjoy good food & great breakfasts

There are many local food producers in and around Åre. Make a longer shopping trip to pick up some local produce and make a great homemade meal out of the produce. Top it off with beverages from the local breweries.  And don’t forget breakfast! It tastes extra great when someone else prepares it for you, find your favorite breakfast place in Åre here.

+ Check out the Calendar

In the events calendar for Åre you will find lots more to do during Easter.

Last updated 20 March 2024