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Emrik Jansson

Pacey Activities in Åre

Some of us just like to put our feet up when we’re on holiday. But if you’re one who likes a bit of action when you’re away, this is the place for you. There are plenty of pacey activities to choose from and we have listed a few tips here. 


Åre Bike Park offers world class Downhill and Trail Cycling and during the summer, this is a major reason for visiting Åre. You don’t need to be an experiences cyclist to get out there – the trails are of different level of difficulty and there are guides that can help you get started. Find out everything you need about cycling in Åre whether you’re a beginner, experienced, if you prefer trail cycling or downhill here.

Dog Sledding

Yep, you can experience the awesome feeling of letting a band of dogs carry you through forests and over hills. Read more about it here. Find out more about companies that offer dog sledding in Åre here >>

Trail Running

Run far, short, high or low – you decide. The mountains around Åre village are perfectly suited for trail running. Find your own trails via the digital trail guide Åre Trails and if you’re not that experienced, you can read up on how, where and when here. Also, this is a great activity for you and your kids.


You will feel the butterflies in your tummy and goosebumps on your arms. But you’ll also have a lot of fun. Find out more about zip lining in Åre here >> Also, from the summer 2021, SkiStar’s Climbing Park with Zipline is open in Björnen. See more here >>

White Water Rafting

This activity might not be for everyone, but with knowledgeable guides and instructors, it’s certainly something for most. JoPe Fors & Fjäll will adjust their excursions according to your needs and you can read more about Rafting in Åre here >>


Do you want to try white water kayaking, learn how to do an Eskimo roll, do a practice run or just enjoy the calm waters, kayaking is the thing for you. You can rent one and paddle on your own or take a tour with a guide. Read more about kayaking (and canoeing) in Åre here >>