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Skiing and Christmas spirit

December in Åre is, as one might guess, about skiing and the Christmas atmosphere. We are many who have longed for snow and stepping into the bindings to make the first runs of the season. Christmas is probably as longed for as the ski season is, and in Åre the Christmas lights twinkle, the Christmas tree stands tall in Åre Square and the village is covered in a soft, white blanket of snow. 

Here are our top ten Åre tips in December! 

Go skiing

This year winter came early and we have had cold weather and lots of snow since beginning of November. Some lifts are already open and soon the whole ski system will be open for this winter, from then on the season will start off for real and we can enjoy skiing until the beginning of May! Yey! Find info on open lifts and slopes here.

Christmas presents

Christmas is approaching and that familiar Christmas gift stress is starting to creep up. Relax and let go of it – we have collected a selection of Christmas gift tips from Åre.

Swedish Christmas dinner

During December Åre’s restaurants serve their Christmas Dinner tables “smörgåsbord style”. There are handmade sausages, home-cooked mulled wine, traditional Swedish Christmas flavors and lots of local delicacies. Remember to book in time – the seats are usually in short supply! Here is this year’s Christmas dinner guide. 

Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere

Around Åre, thousands of Christmas lights twinkle, and the stately Christmas tree adorns our cosy little square. Stroll around the village and enjoy the wonderful Christmas atmosphere that prevails. The last days before Christmas Eve the atmosphere builds up when Santa comes to visit, don’t miss out on that!

Drink, or give, award-winning coffee

Enjoy a dark and tasty cup of coffee at the coffee bar Åre Kafferosteri adjacent to the central square. Per and Eva, who run both the roastery and the coffee bar, have earned a spot as eleventh in the world at the World Barista Championship, and won both the Best Roast and Best Espresso in the World Roasters Cup for their coffee. As you can see, the focus is on coffee, and coffee that is made with organic and natural ingredients. The perfect Christmas gift?

Enjoy a delicious and traditional Christmas dinner.

Photo: Buustamon

Photo: Anette Andersson

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Åre Glashytta

The glass works studio Åre Glashytta has been housed in Duved’s station since 2005. Their products are designed with inspiration from the surrounding nature, made both to be used and as art objects. Åre Glashytta have had a proud collaboration with world renowned Michelin restaurant Fäviken Magasinet, where guests from all corners of the world have enjoyed their products. If you’re lucky you time your visit with a glassblowing session and get an insight into the fascinating art of the craft. In any case, they have some really nice Christmas gift ideas to offer.


Åre must be Sweden’s most yoga-dense village. Yoga here is practiced on the water, in the mountains and in yoga studios. In recent years, the range of yoga in the valley has literally exploded. Ashtanga. Hatha. Kundalini. Yin. Global. Old mans. Senior. SUP yoga. Beloved yoga comes in many forms – we promise you’ll find your favourite here.

The big Christmas bath

According to old tradition, the only bath of the year was taken on Christmas Eve. Luckily, nowadays we bathe and get cleaned more often than once a year, but if you want a little extra for Christmas, it may be time to make a reservation for a spa ritual at one of the village’s spas.

Look for the northern lights

You’ve surely seen the famous northern lights through pictures and movies. That green, blue or red glow that spreads like a living curtain in the sky. It’s powerful. If you’re lucky, during the dark and chilly evenings you can see the unbelievably beautiful spectacle for real. See the greenish light dance as the sky changes colour. Sweeping back and forth, fading then flaring up, then disappearing completely.

So, when you hear about the northern lights and the sky is clear, there’s only one thing to do – dress appropriately, bring your thermos and head out to a place beyond the illuminated houses and streets! This is how you experience the northern lights best in Åre.

Evening skiing

When you just can’t get enough of skiing during the day, there’s nothing better than heading out in the evening too. The lights are on, the slopes are freshly groomed six nights a week at 18:00. Find lifts, slopes and applicable days here.

Bonus tip: Check out our event calendar for all the happenings in Åre in December.

Last updated 4 December 2023