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Taxi in Åre

There are a couple of taxi companies in Åre to help you get to your destination on time. A hot tip is to book your taxi in advance on the bigger weekends and Holiday seasons, if you want to be sure to be picked up at a certain time. In central Åre there is most often taxis to be found at Åre town square, outside the railway station Stationshuset and at the parking located next to the railway tracks.

Topptaxi Åre
+46 (0)647-220 20

Taxi Åre / Taxikurir
Phone: +46 (0) 647-100 22

Train transfer in Åre

You can book a train transfer from all the trains arriving at Åre and Duved railway stations from December until May. Transports are by bus or taxi and stop at fixed stops at a fixed price. The train transfer needs to be pre booked, and runs from the main parking next to the train station. Book train transfer >>.

Airport transfer to Åre

Airport transfer from Åre Östersund Airport to selected stops in Åre are available at a fixed price from December until May. The most central stop for the airport transfer in Åre is above the railway station Stationshuset. Book airport transfer >>

Airport transfer stops

  • Central Åre, above Stationshuset
  • Fjällbyn
  • Björnen

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