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Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

10 x Tips to Åre in January

The first month of the new year is here. Days are getting longer and the sun is starting to find its way down to the village again, from hanging low behind the mountains for some time. Skiing is of course on the agenda this month, but there is so much more to catch up with. Here are our ten best Åre Tips for January!

8 in 8:an

A real classic among the early morning locals. Basically, it means that you should be at the VM8:an lift at 08:00, ready to take the first lift up and ready to enjoy the newly-prepared corduroy in the Gästrappet and Lundsrappet slopes. This time of the year the snowscape is also often enlightened by a gorgeous sunrise. For an extra bonus, grab a cup of coffee in the new Kaffebaren Åre while you wait for the lifts to open.

So, 08.00 at the VM8:an (or rather 7.30 for a chance at the first lift chair) Be there!

Play Padel

More alternatives for a day off the slopes? Pack up your padel gear and take a ride to Åre Sportcenter in Duved. Here you’ll find 4 padel courts, a tennis court, 3 golf simulators, a gym, and a café. Feel free to bring your work portfolio with you and take the opportunity to work in one of their worcation spaces.

Snowmobile excursions

A fun and comfortable way to get out and experience the mountain is by snowmobiling. The tour goes on winding snowmobile trails through snow-capped forests and magnificent landscapes with a huge sense of freedom.

Åreguiderna, JF Skoter, Puls Åre and Åre Nature Adventure offer slightly different arrangements. Some tours are for two hours while others are a full day. The lunch can consist of something tasty that you make over open fires in the mountains or a steady meal at the mountain restaurants. Whether you are used to driving a snowmobile or just a curious beginner, there are tours to suit everyone. This year Åreguiderna is also introducing tours with electric snow mobiles, a totally new silent and sustainable way to explore the mountains. Enjoy!


In recent years, yoga in the village has literally exploded. You’ll find yoga on water, in the mountain and in studios. Ashtanga. Hatha. Kundalini. Yin. Global. Senior. SUP-yoga. Beloved yoga has many forms and we promise you’ll find your favourites here.

Hang on to your New Year’s Resolution

Do you belong to those who, when the clock struck midnight, promised themselves to start running this year? Maybe everyday life has come to a head and it’s been an uphill battle to lace up your shoes and head out into the winter darkness? The trick is to sign up for a race, cause then there’s no excuse to skip your training.

During the summer, many trail and multi-sport competitions are organized in Åre with classes for all types of runners. During the Fjällmarathon Week, for example, you can choose from 11 different races – ranging from 7 km easier trail run to a challenging 43 km and 2100 altitude meters. So, switch out the asphalt to rolling trails in our beautiful mountains this summer.

Dra på skotertur.

Photo: Åreguiderna

Lång eller kort längdtur?

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Go cross country skiing

In Årefjällen there are plenty of well-prepared tracks of various kinds. Challenging exercise or just for pleasure? The Åre Trails digital guide contains all the cross country tracks in Årefjällen with information on the distance of the tracks, temperature, track profiles and daily track status. If you are aiming to get in top shape this year this can be the best tips to Åre in January.

Lunch on the slopes

Take a well-deserved break on the slopes. Rest your tired ski legs while replenishing with new tasty energy. The range of restaurants on the slopes is wide and varied, there’s something for everyone. How about crispy waffles, classic goulash, à la carte with Jämtland ingredients, wicked hamburgers or just a good cup of coffee? Here are our top tips for the restaurants on the slopes.

Stay Indoors

It is usually said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. That may be true, but sometimes you actually have no desire to be outdoors. So, here’s the perfect guide for you who would rather stay inside.

Bounce around at Jumpyard

Bounce around on the trampolines or put a 360 on the Big Jump out in a foampit. Try the cable car that goes to the roof, climb Clip ‘N Climb, fight on the Ninja track or try the jumping game Valo. At the indoor trampoline park JumpYard, everyone has guaranteed fun – big and small.

Take the train

Are you in the process of booking a trip to Åre? Our absolute best tip is to take the train that rolls right into the village. It’s not only climate smart; it is also time efficient. If you take the night train you can have dinner on the train, sleep well and wake up rested in the middle of the village ready for a day full of activities.

The Snälltåget overnight train runs from Malmö via Stockholm to Åre. SJ runs direct day trains from Stockholm as well as night trains from both Stockholm and Gothenburg – every day. And Norrtåg runs to Åre from both Sundsvall and Trondheim. Isn’t that great?


Last updated 5 March 2024