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Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

September Tips 2021!

It’s been a fantastic summer. And as the seasons change, we are ready for an equally great autumn. September comes with colors and outdoor temperatures suitable for hiking and cycling. Autumn has its own, special charm, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. Here are some September tips on what not to miss.

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Top up your pantry

Every social media account is suddenly filled with harvests of mushrooms in all shapes and colors: Chanterelles, Milk caps, Penny Buns and what not. And if you know where to look, you can also enjoy butter roasted Chantarelles on toast or rich mushroom stews. There’s little point in asking where to look though. Everyone keeps their own sites to themselves. But get out there and search anyway. If you are unlucky and don’t find any, you’ve still had a nice walk in the forest or on the mountain. We can disclose a few general tips though: search for Chanterelles in mixed or mountain birch forests, on moist slopes, at over 700 MASL 🙊. And the Milk Caps grow in pine forests, where there’s not too much undergrowth. 

Just remember to be 100% sure of what you put in your basket before you eat it. Read more about what you can find in nature’s pantry here>>

Have an Adventure

Combine hiking with yoga, try a screen free tour, let a guide tailor your biking experience and get going with trailrunning…There are plenty of camps and events to experience in September in Åre. If you want to do something different and create a very special memory, there’s every opportunity. Find out what’s happening in September here>>

Take a Hike

As the temperatures drop, the mosquitos disappear and it’s just a pleasure to be on the mountain and in the forests. September is a great time for hiking and of course, you choose how long, short, high or difficult you want to make it. And if you prefer to sleep in a tent or in a soft hotel bed. It’s up to you. The options are there! 

Find information and inspiration for you hiking tour here and find your favorite trail at Åre Trails.

Close the Bike Park

It’s not a surprise that autumn is an awesome time for cycling. The temperatures are lower and there’s fewer people (and mosquitos) on site which means more space for you. Åre Bike Park is open from Thursday to Sunday until September 26, 2021, so keep cycling until it closes for the season.

If you prefer Trail Cycling, go to Åre Bike Trail in Björnen. There are plenty of special made trails for cycling that are relatively broad and even. Here you’ll find something for young and older cyclists alike. 

Enjoy September Trail Running

If you’re thinking about asphalt, sore knees and uneven streets when you’re thinking about running, you should try doing it in the mountains. Sure, there’s the risk of stumbling on a root, slipping on a rock or sliding in mud, but there’s a certain charm about feeling the unevenness and the water splashing round your feet when running. Also, it’s a way of making the most of the fresh mountain air and don’t forget the views! Here are three tips on different types of running trails you should try.

Biking is for everyone - bring your whole family.

Photo: Jonas Kullman

If you're lucky, you might catch the Aurora Borealis.

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Running in September is a bliss.

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Stock up on tasty mushrooms.

Photo: Åre Destination

Eat out - it tastes wonderful.

Photo: Explore Åre

Take a ride with Åre Kabinbana

Åre Kabinbana, the cable way, is perhaps the most distinguished symbol for Åre village. Since 1976, the two cable cars transport skiers, hikers and bikers (and the occasional dog) from the valley station at 421 meters above sea level to the mountain station, located at 1274 meters above sea level. It is a must to have traveled with it at least once. You need to buy a ticket before going up, at SkiStar’s website. Opening hours are Thursday – Sunday until 26 September.

A tip! Take the cable car up and hike down, back to the village, or connect to the 214c trail to get to the highest point of Mt. Åreskutan, 1420 meters above sea level. Also, visit Toppstugan while you’re there, Sweden’s highest situated café. Don’t worry, you can also take the cable way back down again 🙂

Take a History Tour

Discover Åre’s history: take a history tour with you family, friends or colleagues. Morrvikja guides you through Åre village and makes history come alive. Read more on their Facebook page where you can also make requests for tours, or check their event page for upcoming tours. 

Follow in the trails of the pilgrims (if you want to make it a longer tour you can read more here) and learn about the Caroleans and their death march – brochures and guides are found at the Tourist Office. You can also make your own outing and visit the memorial in Duved and the graves in Handöl and Hårbörsta. Ask at the Tourist Office for more information in English. At the Tourist Office, you’ll also find brochures describing the old houses and areas in Åre if you wish to explore them on your own.

Eat Outdoors

Whether you’re cooking over a crackling fire or usinga gas stove, outdoor cooking is a wonderful concept to enjoy any season of the year. And it’s a nice experience for the whole family.

Outdoor food can consist out of pretty much anything but there’s no need to make things difficult. Sausages and marshmallows with cookies and chocolate goes a long way, or maybe try the traditional collier’s pancakes (kolbulle), or simply fried vegetables to eat in pita breads. Make it your own meal and enjoy! Also, don’t forget the coffee/tea and warm chocolate. 

Explore the Southern Åre Mountains

Wish to see something different? And maybe get a new view of the majestic Åreskutan? Then you should take a trip to Södra Årefjällen, the Southern Åre Mountains. Edsåsdalen, Vålådalen, Trillevallen, Ottsjö…just (more or less) half an hour from the center of Åre village, there’s an abundance of trails where you don’t have to walk for long to reach higher altitudes and get some amazing views of Anaris, Bunnerfjällen, Lunndörrarna and the other giants that surrounds Åredalen. There are also plenty of accommodation options in these areas.

If you’re coming from Åre, take the E14 in direction towards Östersund and turn towards Undersåker after cirka 15 minutes. Follow the road and cross the train tracks and the bridge et voilà: now you have access to the whole of the wonderful Southern Åre Mountains. Find the trail maps for the different areas at the Tourist Office and at Åre Trails.

Indulge your Senses

There’s something about autumn. Maybe it’s the clear skies, the feeling of a slightly warmer wool sweater against your skin, or the many colors that nature puts on display. Either way, this is a good time to get out there and let your senses draw it all in: hike, walk, cycle, go swimming or sauna bathing. Or just sit yourself down somewhere and just breathe. Celebrate that autumn is here!

Also, if you’re lucky the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, might be visible as early as at the end of August. On clear autumn evenings, you may be able to see this awesome phenomena dance across the skies. Regardless if you’ve experienced it before or not, it’s well worth getting out there and see it. Read more about the Aurora Borealis and how to catch it here >>

Find more tips on activities and offers for September in and near Åre here >>

Last updated 6 September 2021


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