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Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Finally September!

Autumn is right outside the door and we are ready with open arms. After a hot and exciting summer it’s time for a much-needed change of seasons. So, we’re now jumping with joy as the chilly air takes over and mother nature begins to shine her autumn colours. It’s always beautiful in the mountains, but probably it’s extra beautiful in September.

So, out and enjoy the first month of autumn.

Breathe in the Fall

A new season always feels like the best season. But the question is whether or not autumn beats all other seasons by a longshot. The beauty when the summer mountain changes its shape and turns into crackling autumn colours is nearly indescribable. When the fog hovers tight over the valley during the wee morning hours. When the sun shines and the air is clear and crisp. (Yes, it certainly rains sometimes, but it’s just as nice then too!)

Grab a spot on a rock and let your eyes rest on nature’s own masterpiece. Inhale deeply and fill your lungs with the fresh crisp air. Autumn is here!

Forage for Mushrooms

This year is a really good mushroom year and its evident in the overflow of photos on social media. There’s porcini, hedgehog, milky cap and funnel chanterelles … But above all, it’s the yellow chanterelles that trumps them all. Butter fried on toasted home-baked sourdough bread or in flavourful autumn stew.

Unfortunately, the secret spots are one of Åre’s best kept secrets. So, the only thing we can say is mountain birch forest, southern faced slopes, over 700 MASL. 🙊


September is definitely the best time for hiking. Colourful mountains, clean air and no mosquitoes – all the elements are perfect! Go far, go short, sleep in a hotel, sleep in a tent. Do as you please, just promise that you’ll go hiking in September.

Åre Höstmarknad (Fall Market)

The last weekend in September is sacred to all lovers of Åre and has been for almost fourteen years. There is no doubt the Åre Höstmarknad is the place to be.

The village glows in autumn colours and the atmosphere is top notch. Over 100 vendors come here with genuine home-grown, homemade, craftsmanship and design. The focus is on locally produced food. The streets are filled with music and the village’s restaurants and shops are overflowing. Come and absorb the beautiful atmosphere, stroll around, enjoy the sights and meet new people. Everybody is here. Year after year. And when the market closes on the third and final day, you won’t want to go home. You’ll want to linger on in the village as long as you can dreaming about next year’s market.

Haven’t you been here yet? Then now’s the time.


If you’re sceptical about the fall being a good time to ride, then it’s time for you to jump on a bike and start pedalling. Åre Bike Park is open Thursday-Sunday until the big closing weekend 4–7 October. Åre XC Arena in Björnen with the Mineralen, Kopparn and Vallens Gruvgång are still open every day. Machine-dug trails for cross-country cycling that are relatively wide with an even surface, wooden bridges and comfortable curves.
Fun for everyone!

Photo: Anette Andersson

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Photo: Jonas Kullman

Photo: Åre Destination

Photo: Cherié Karlsson

Photo: Åre Destination

Dine Out

Gathering around a crackling fire to cook is a winning concept any day of the week. You can basically cook anything and it doesn’t have to be complicated, the important thing is getting out there and doing it. Sausages, pancakes, vegetables in pita bread, or why not try the Swedish kolbulle.  Whatever you do, don’t forget to pack the marshmallows!

Vertical K

This is a challenge. For real. But it’s not impossible. It’s merely a matter of making up your mind and going for it. Åre’s vertical kilometre starts in the central square and ends on the peak of Mt. Åreskutan. So, in case you missed that, a trail with 1000 height meters (5 kilometres distance). Buy a pass for 50 SEK at Vertical K or in the Peak Performance General Store. Sign up. Run. Get it done! Compare your time against yourself or others.

If you’re not up for the 1K, take a slightly shorter challenge the 0.5K (485 height meters, 2 kilometres’ distance). You’ll find the finish line at Hummelstugan.

Ride the Cable Car

There is almost nothing that symbolizes Åre as strongly as Åre Kabinbana. The two red cable cars have been in commuter traffic, meeting in the middle of the mountain since 1976. Transporting locals and visitors up and down, summer and winter. In about seven minutes you’ll have started in the village 421 MASL to the mountain station at 1274 MASL, overlooking several kilometres out over the mountainous views of Jämtland.

Stop for a coffee at the BaseCamp Åreskutan or hike up to Mt. Åreskutan’s top 1420 MASL. A 2.1 km hike and a climb of 187 MASL (trail 214c), where Sweden’s highest café is located – Toppstugan Åre.

Walk Trollstigen (The Troll Trail)

Bring the kids and step into Åre’s mythical world through the rainbow Bifrost. The trolls are hiding along the path so it’s important to keep your eyes open all the time. Some hide in the roots of the trees; others turn into stone during the daytime and they’re also known to be a bit sloppy in hiding their gemstones. There are also parts of Åredalen’s sagas and legends written on signs along the way. Like the story of the giant Ruth in Skut and her battle with the giant in Spett.

To get there: Follow trail 212 from Åre Square or in the opposite direction from Fjällgården. The discovery part of the trail goes from Vakthögen just east of the VM6:an so you can also start or stop at the Kabinbana as well.

Åre Glashytta

The glassworks Åre Glashytta has been housed in Duved’s railway station since 2005. Art objects are designed and produced in glass with inspiration from nature, with local names such as Olympia, Ullådraget and Nulltjärn. Glashyttan has a proud collaboration with world renowned restaurant Fäviken Magasinet where guests from far and near drink out of the “Olympia” glasses. If you’re lucky, you can time your visit to a glass-blowing session to get an insight into the craft’s fascinating art.

Last updated 30 August 2019


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