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Foto: Frida Berglund

Summer Vacation in Åre

A summer vacation in Åre can accommodate everything you’ve been eager to try; mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, and trail running in the mountains. But it can also be lying on your back on a fine-grained sandy beach, listen to the motions of the water, watching the clouds pass by. And everything in between. Here’s a few tips on how to get the most out of your summer vacation in Åre. 

Åre in the Summer

Winter in Åre is all about skiing and enjoying the snow. But what do you know about summertime in Åre? As the mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers thaw out, a blast of activities flourish for you to participate in. During the long, sunny summer days the village is alive with the buzz from hikers, cyclists, runners, and travellers. The mountain is ready for you to enjoy the views, the flora and fauna, and the occasional swim in a mountain tarn, river, or lake. And in the village, you can savor delicious food and beverages, as well as homemade ice cream and other sweets.

The summer season starts in early June with the lifts opening for cycling and hiking. June is full of flowers and the entire valley is verdant with the culmination at Midsummer. July is high season with many different kinds of events taking place, everything from tough running races and Åre bike festival to Åre golf week and a game fair. July also offers warmer bathing temperatures and there is usually drier ground on the hiking trails. August continues to offer warm summer evenings and then it is usually less mosquitos as well… After that comes the crisp September, which many locals consider their favorite month of the year, the leaves change color, the air is clear and anyone can become a master photographer with the mountains in Autumn foliage as a motif.

Holidays for the whole family

Åre in the Summer is a place where the whole family can thrive and feel good. Most activities are easily accessible even for smaller children, such as trying out their very first running bike in the fun bike trails in Björnen. It’s a perfect place to start out a biking career, to later be able to join the others on the more difficult trails. See more about biking in Åre here >>

Hiking can be made playful on cosy trails with very exciting things to see along the way. Bring a book about different species of flowers, plants and animals and read about what you see along the way. For lunch, a picnic outside is one of the best. Pack everyone’s favourites and find a nice place in the sun where you can sit for as long as you’d like. Otherwise, you can enjoy lunch and coffee at any of the restaurants and coffee shops out there.

During the drive, there are summer cafés with home-baked goods and a place to play in almost every village you pass. It makes it easy to stop for that much-needed break when the little legs in the back seat start to get restless. If you take the train here, it stops in the middle of the village, and you have the entire Åre village within walking distance. You can book via SJ, Norrtåg or Snälltåget.

Kayaking in Åre - smooth sailing?

Niclas Vestefjell

Run far or short, up or down.

Niclas Vestefjell

Take a bath in mountain waters.

Åre Destination

Gelato made from local dairy, yum!

Grädda Åre

Take the train and get off in the center of Åre.

Jonas Kullman

Lot’s of activities, or just relaxation

During a summer vacation in Åre, you can fill your days with just as much or as little as you’d like. And the nice thing is that it is just as good to plan everything in advance, as to be completely spontaneous and create your day based on the day and weather. As said, there are plenty of activities. It can be good to read up on our tip lists a little in advance, so you know what you are most eager to try out as there are plenty of gems to visit when you’re ready to head-on from your ice cream break in the central square. That applies regardless of whether you want to find that beautiful trail running round with endless views, or your own little tarn to dip in.

Summer Experiences in Åre

3 x tips for your summer vacation in Åre

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Last updated 26 March 2024