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Tännforsen, part of the river Indalsälven

Photo: Anna Öhlund

The Indalsälven is one of Sweden’s longest rivers at 420 kilometres long. It runs through the mountains of western Jämtland towards the Bothnian Sea.

The part of the river Indalsälven that flows through the valley of Åre comes from streams connected to Lake Ånnsjön. The river winds its way through Tångböleströmmen and Lake Gevsjön to meet Gevsjöströmmen, another tributary that originates from the Norwegian border further north. From there, it continues through the Bodsjösundet into Lake Tännsjön, whose outlet goes via the mighty Tännforsen.

Further after it flows through the strait of Drottningsundet into Lake Östernoren. Runs further past reaching Duved where the water changes its name to the Duvedsälven. It glides past Tegeforsen and changes its name again to Åreälven, better known as Lake Åresjön. The stream and rivers from Lake Åresjön, are collected from Mt. Åreskutan. Continuing past the Brattland stream and Undersåkersälven, jumping down the Ristafallen, runs further out into Järpströmmen where Lake Kallsjön meets up and joins the Indalsälven, which then runs all the way to the Bothnian Sea at Klingerfjärden.

Last updated 27 August 2019