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Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

August favourites

After last year’s extremely hot and dry summer, we can only hope that we’re now heading towards slightly cooler times with some much-needed rain. If you think of a normal August month in Åre, the mercury is usually parked at a steady summer temperature and all you want to do is to jump in to one of Åre’s semi-cool mountain lakes without your legs turning numb from the cold. Now’s the time to hang out in the mountains as much as you can – in one way or another. 

Roll down

Since Åre Bike Park opened in 2004, it’s picked up a lot of “Top-10 world’s best bike parks” placements in various international bicycle media. It’s been filmed, photographed and blogged in all possible formats and it’s above all thanks to the variation in cycling, with barren timberlines, rocky paths, roots, fast single tracks, machine-built trails, naturally old-school downhill and fast access with lifts running in the park’s uniqueness.

Downhill is an activity that suits everyone with a little bit of adventure. The park offers trails for all levels of difficulty – fun cycling for both beginners and enthusiastic cyclists.

Get help finding a bike that suits your size and bike ability at one the bike rentals in the village.

If you’ve never cycled before, the tip is to book a guide that’ll give you the basics. What’s the best position? How to take curves? How to brake safely? You’ll definitely get a better bike and riding experience.

Nature’s pantry

During the late summer and autumn, the mountain explodes in beautiful colours and nature’s pantry is endless. Although it’s difficult to look away from the beautiful views, do so anyway. Move your eyes down towards the ground where you stand – the mountain is a real gold mine. After the extremely dry summer it is still a little unclear how it will be with the chanterelles, but the rumour says that the mountain moors are already glittering with gold – that is, cloudberries. So divinely good and also super-healthy!

Morning coffee with view

A good cup of coffee served with beautiful views beats most things in life. Fill up your thermos and take a morning walk up to Nalleklippan * just above Fjällgården and watch the village slowly waking up to life. This good coffee we speak of is of course made by beans from the award-winning Åre Kafferosteri.

Craving a good cup coffee but not a long walk? Stay at the roastery’s own coffee shop in Åre Square. Per and Eva come eleventh in the world at the World Barista Championship and have won in Sweden for both Best Roast and Best Espresso in the World Roasters Cup. The focus here is of course on the coffee, but fresh baked goods made with organic and natural raw materials is also on the menu.

* The easiest way to get to Nalleklippan is via Hotell Fjällgården. Follow trail 213 towards Totthummeln. When it splits – hold left (clockwise). After a few hundred meters, you’ll see the sign “Nalleklippan”.

Paddla kajak

Kayaking through gurgling water in a peaceful environment is not so bad. Why not finish it off with a dip and lunch over open fire? Canoes are available at Pulse Camp Åre and kayaks at the ATI Mountain Experience and Åreguiderna.

Åre Hembygdsgård

Åre Hembygdsgård is located at the western end of the village at the Ullån outlet overlooking Mt. Åreskutan. The land itself is not so historic as mostly everything was moved there to show what a settlement in the Åre parish could look like in the 19th century. However in saying so, these houses have been saved from modern society’s progress and is a wonderfully cosy and quiet place to be. Here you’ll find a manor house, two wooden storehouses, a barn with a baking oven, a parish general store, a lodge, a wooden schoolhouse and an old forge.

This year’s big news is Kafé Gården. A new café where they grow their own vegetables, bake Swedish flatbread and make an assortment of other goodies. Everything is organic and locally produced as much as possible. A fantastic excursion destination for the young and old, guaranteed.

Running trail

Feet flying over roots, clay pools and stones. Slipping and stumbling as your legs and body become heavier. Adrenaline at a high. Uphill, downhill and straight ahead. It doesn’t matter whether it’s rain or shine. It’s magic regardless the weather. Sunrise, sunset, sun in the middle of the day. The freedom of running is available 24 hours a day! Here’s our suggestions for three different trails to try out.

Photo: Anette Andersson

Photo: Åre Destination

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Photo: Åre Destination

Enjoy the late summer evenings

From mid-August, mosquitoes tend to be just a memory and all that’s left is to enjoy the lukewarm late summer evenings. Go for a run through the woods, try yoga on a mountain peak and enjoy the colourful spectacle of sunsets.


Late summer and autumn are perhaps the very best time for hiking. The green summer mountain changes shape turning into an orange colour scale and the air becomes clear and crisp. When vacation season is over and the trip’s goal is a short break in everyday life, Mt. Åreskutan stands ready for easily accessible hiking with magnificent views – and the village offers all the comforts you can imagine.

So, walk during the day, enjoy relaxed activities and good restaurant dinners in the evening. Fall asleep in a newly-made comfortable bed, then start again the next day. Hiking doesn’t have to be more complicated than that :).

Sleep in a tent

The mountain world offers countless opportunities for undisturbed sleep and magnificent sunrises and sunsets from the “bedroom window”. Go far or stay close by. Cycle, run or take a small detour with the car, pitch a tent and enjoy nature.

Thanks to the Swedish right of public access, everyone has access to nature and to camping a few days out in the open. A fantastic opportunity that also involves taking responsibility and showing consideration to nature and to those who own and care about the land you are walking on and using. Pay close attention to fire bans! This prohibits outdoor fires in all areas including BBQ areas and the use of portable alcohol and gas kitchens. Be prepared to pack with ready-made food if there’s a fire ban in place. Keep up-to-date on fire bans through the County Administrative Board.

Skinny dip

You may be tired of swimming by now, but there’s nothing like throwing your clothes to the wind and jumping in after a long run or a muddy bike session. Try it next time, it’s refreshing for both body and soul!

Last updated 19 August 2019