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Photo: Anette Andersson

10 x February Tips

In February the sun finally stays up a little longer and we have the chance to enjoy sparkling snow and fantastic skiing. Thanks to the returning daylight the opening hours in lifts and slopes are extended for the remaining part of the winter season and give us longer days on the mountain. But, if you do not feel like spending all your time in the slopes or cross-country skiing, there’s so much more to do in Åre. Here are ten of our best activity tips for February!

Play like a child in the snow

There’s so much snow in Åre right now. And you should enjoy it, not just in the slopes. Make a snow cave, dig a bivouac, make snow angels, have Swedish fika in a snow pit or have a snowball fight – the options are more than knee deep! Use your imagination or be inspired by Åre’s activity operators who offer ice sculpting, snow shoe hiking and more. Remember, we’re never too old to play.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day ❤️

While some may think this day is no more than a commercial stunt, we could all use this day as a nice opportunity to show the people we love some extra appreciation. Eat something nice, surprise that special someone with a day at the spa, or just cosy-up in the lift. Do you have a hard time imagining what to do? Check out our Valentine’s Day Guide here.

See a waterfall – or two

As the weather becomes a little milder and the days grow longer, February is a perfect time to visit some of the sights in and around Åre. Tännforsen is Sweden’s largest waterfall and a majestic sight, winter or summer. Ristafallet is a bit smaller but closer to Åre and also a very impressive sight as a frozen, natural ice sculpture this time of the year. Both waterfalls are easily assessable and well worth a visit. Don’t forget to pack some lunch! It’s a great thing to sit by the waterfall and eat. Make a lunch pack at home, using local Åre products of course, or bring something tasty from one of Åre’s many restaurants and cafés. 

Sleep in an igloo

This is a true nighttime adventure! Igloo Åre is located approximately 300 meters east of the VM8:an mountain station which means you don’t need to put your skis on to get there, but of course you can if you want to. Stay overnight in their igloos on beds of snow and made with reindeer fells and sleeping bags, eat a five course dinner and take a steaming warm bath under the dark winter sky. If you’re in luck, you might get a visit from some of the reindeer that wander around on Åreskutan.  

Take a break for SPA or a retreat

Check into one of Åre’s spas. Enjoy the assortment of treatments, swim or heat up in a pool or sauna. Or treat yourself to a retreat with yoga, food that will make your body say thank you, and meditative touring skiing (like hiking but on skis) that will keep your thoughts here and now. Focus on relaxing, filling up with energy and increase your well-being for a while.

Alpine ski touring

Photo: Åreguiderna

Visit a frozen waterfall

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Take a ride on the funicular

Photo: Åre Bergbana

Have a taste of Åre

Photo: Åre Chokladfabrik

Retreat with yoga and ski touring

Photo: Fjällanda

Make a culinary trip

There are a lot of people making their own produce in Åre valley. Beer is being brewed, coffee beans are roasted, bread is being baked, chocolate pralines are being made and much more. Make a culinary trip through Åre valley to experience some really great food >>

Winter break bonanza

Feel like filling your days with something else than alpine skiing? Åre has a lot to offer for children and grown ups alike. This year, most activities are a bit different, but you can still zipline through the trees, visit JumpYard, enjoy the calm in Ullådalen, take a waffle-tour or swim at Holiday Club. Click here for more inspiration about what you can do in Åre >>

Go dog sledding

With the amount of snow we have this year, dog sledding will be an extra amazing way of getting through snow covered forests, sparkling mires and grand mountain landscapes. You will be well tucked-in on the sled and can just sit back and enjoy the silence, which is only broken by the barking of excited dogs. Dog sledding operators in Åre offer slightly different arrangements such as family trips, evening trips, two-hour trips, dinner trips or longer overnight trips. Try running a team yourself or just enjoy the ride. Don’t miss out on tipping your team of dogs with generous amounts of cuddling!

Ski touring in the ski system

Alpine ski touring is a way of exercising and enjoying the outdoors which grows every year. If you don’t feel like venturing out in the unknown wilderness the ski system operator Skistar has prepared a number of trails for ski touring within the ski system, at night or during the day. Of course, you don’t need to stay within the system. There are guided tours for alpine ski touring in and around Åre. Find out all you need to know about ski touring here >>

Try a semla 

A “semla” is a Swedish delicacy you should not miss, it has its peak season from mid January and throughout the winter. This sweet pastry even has a special day in Sweden, “Fettisdag” which usually happens in February. A typical semla is made out of a sweet bread bun with cardamom, filled with almond paste and whipped cream topped with icing sugar – yum! The traditional way of eating it is with warm milk but it is nowadays normally served without. Join the celebration at one of Åre’s many cafés >>

Last updated 5 February 2024