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Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

10 x February Tips

February means longer days, sparkling snow and loads of lovely skiing. But, Åre is so much more than just skiing – here are our 10 best activity tips:

Celebrate Valentine’s Day ❤️

Take this opportunity to show someone you like a little extra appreciation on February 14th. There is no end of cosy experiences with an extra touch while in Åre – here you’ll find our Valentine’s Day guide.

Åre Bergbana

Taking a ride on the funicular Åre Bergbana is not only a part of Åre’s heart, but is almost mandatory during your visit here. It’s included in Skistar’s skipass system and you can go to and from Fjällgården at 556 MASL, or hop off at the intermediate station at Åre Hyddan, every day between 09:00 to 22:00.

Åre Bergbana was inaugurated in 1910, was inspired the Swiss Davos and was then an important part of the engineer Carl-Olof Rahms’ project to create a winter sports resort in Åre.

Åre Bergbana is an 800-meter-long track with a trolley attached by a connecting iron cable at each end. The track is driven by an electric motor which is located in the upper station house. The two carriages depart simultaneously, one from the mountain station and the other from the valley station and the lower carriage is counterweight to the upper one. The two wagons meet at the middle station before carrying on.

Take a break

Take a break from the slopes and check in at one of Åre’s spas. Enjoy beneficial treatments, take a few laps in the pool or warm up in a steaming sauna. Let relaxation, energy replenishment and general well-being be in focus for a while.

Sleep in an igloo

Spend the night in igloo at the VM8:an mountain station. Sleep on a bed made of snow (Reindeer hide & sleeping bag included!), enjoy a 5-course dinner and relax in a hot tub under the starry sky. If you are lucky enough, the reindeer who live on Mt. Åreskutan might stop by. The experience of all experiences!

Ski Tour 2020

On February 18, the cross-country world elite come to Åre for a, to say the least, challenging sprint up the finish line at the Alpine World Cup Arena. It’s one of the stages of Ski Tour 2020 which starts in Östersund on February 14 with a two-day race. After that the participants take the train to Åre and the tour continues to Storlien-Meråker then ends in Trondheim on February 23.

A total win can make a big difference in the World Cup rankings so expect the skiers to give full charge. Come and be a part of this cross country festival!


Spend the night in an igloo

Photo: Igloo Åre

Family holiday!

Photo: Anette Andersson

Try a traditional Swedish "semla"!

Photo: Åre Destination

Randonnée Wednesday

Photo: Skistar

Create your own Culinary Journey

Overlooking the mountain Åreskutan, the most exhilarating flavours are created. Beer is brewed, coffee is roasted, chocolate is tempered and bread is being baked. Among other things. We’ve put together some examples of exquisite food craftsmanship for a culinary journey through our valley.

Maximized Spring Holiday

Skiing is probably on the schedule for a Winter or Spring Holiday in Åre, but the day has many hours and in Åre there is lots of fun for the whole family. How about climbing, playing video games, jumping on the trampoline at Åre Winter Camp, hanging with the Snowman Valle, making waffles after XC skiing, braving the zip line high up among the tree tops or visiting a frozen waterfall from a fairytale world? Find your favourite activities here!

Go dog sledding

This ride will take you through snow-covered forests and a magnificent mountain scenery where the only thing you’ll hear is the sledge against the snow, the whisper of the wind and sometimes the eager greeting of the dogs.

Riverlodge Huskys, Åre Sleddog Adventures, Puls Camp Åre and Åreguiderna offer slightly different arrangements. Family trips, evening trips, two-hour trips, dinner trips or longer overnight trips. Try running a team yourself or just enjoy the ride. Whatever you choose, it’s a real bucket list experience!


Every Wednesday night, the lights in Långsvängen are lit for all randonnée lovers in the village. Between 18-20 you can go from the VM8:an valley station to mountain station and then down the Gästrappet, to then put the skins back on your ski and head up again …

Happy Swedish ‘Semmeldagen’

February 25 (Shrove Tuesday) is known as Fettisdag or Semmeldagen in Sweden. A day where the Swede’s eat a cardamom-spiced wheat bun which has its top cut off, filled with almond paste, topped with whipped cream and the cut-off top serves as a lid, dusted with powdered sugar. This sweat treat is known as a ‘Semla’, we have re-named a day after it and we can highly recommend a visit to one of Åre’s all bakeries and cafes to try one. Yum! 😋

Last updated 21 February 2020


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