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Photo: Anette Andersson

10 x Activity Tips for Åre in March

March is here! And so is the start of the fifth season – the transition period between winter and spring. March is one of the best months of the year and during the sunny days, few activities beat enjoying a packed lunch outside and, afterwards, sporting a typical google-tan. But there are so many things to do in Åre. Here’s a list of experiences to enjoy in Åre in March.

#1 Learn something new!

Learn how to knit from a professional, take a paragliding course, book a cross-country ski course, pilot a dog sled, learn kitesurfing, try glassblowing, learn everything you need to know about avalanches, learn more about the history of Åre…It’s FUN to learn and there’s a great supply of activities to explore.

#2 Dig a sun pit

A sun pit, or solgrop, is a pit in the snow, made for sitting in and enjoying the weather. Pack a backpack with lunch, drinks, a shovel and at least one seat pad and strap your skis on. Head for Ullådalen, Trillevallen, Vålådalen, Edsåsdalen or another lovely ski area and dig a comfy snow sofa, lean back and relax. Make sure you have sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen on, and an extra bag for any waste you should produce to take back home. Go to the digital map Åre Trails to find your favorite spot.

#3 Explore the craftsmanships of Åre

Bring home a piece of Åre with you, produced by the creative people who make beautiful crafts in and around Åre. At Åre glashytta, you can book a lesson in glassblowing, for example.

#4 Make the best hot chocolate

Get some of Åre chokladfabrik’s (Åre Chocolate Factory) delicious tidbits and bring a bag of cocoa home with you to make what’s probably the best hot chocolate you’ve tasted. Enjoy seated in a nice armchair or, even better, put it in a flask and bring with you on your ski tour. 

#5 Indulge in waffles

There are plenty of places to enjoy lovely waffles in the ski area and along the ski tracks in and around Åre. Find your favorite waffle place here!

Skiing in Åre in March

Anette Andersson

Ice Fishing is a great way to relax

Niclas Vestefjell

Dig a sun pit in the snow, lean back, enjoy

Anette Andersson

Find your favorite waffle place or make your own

Explore Åre

#6 Go spring skiing

As the snow starts melting in the lower parts of the ski area we get the type of snow we call Spring snow: humid and grainy, it feels like carving through butter when you put your ski edges into it. No other snow condition better gives you that feeling of being a world champion. And remember, spring snow in the lower slopes might still mean that you get cold snow conditions at the top of the mountain.

#7 Boost your heart-rate

We all love a slow, enjoyable cross-country ski tour. But the body benefits from a bit of heart-rate boosting activities from time to time. So challenge yourself by taking the tougher and hillier track in the Björnen XC-arena, push yourself uphill in the tracks in Duved, and lower your personal record time on the 10 kilometre track. Or try intervalls. After training hard it is also important to rest and recover, so why not combine your workout with a bit of yoga? You’ll feel like a new you!

#8 Explore the ski area

We are creatures of habit and it is easy to get stuck in the same routine even while skiing. So start your day in a new place and take a different route through the ski area than you normally do. Take the ski bus to Duved and Tegefjäll or Björnen, or make it your challenge to try ALL the slopes in the area. Check out SkiStar’s ski maps and make a plan for the day, or week.

#9 Barbecue!

Find a public barbecue place and prepare something tasty over an open fire. There are barbecue spots in the ski area and along the ski tracks. Take a look at the ski maps to find out where they’re located.

#10 Fish your own dinner

Ice fishing is a soothing and lovely way to enjoy nature, especially in March when the sun’s out and, if you’re lucky, you’ll have dinner sorted! Find out more about fishing in Åre here. If you want to rent your equipment, Fjällsport in Duved has a great assortment, and Explore Åre offers guided tours.  

Last updated 4 March 2024