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Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

10 x November Tips

The colourful autumn is now at an end. The leaves have blown off the trees and it’s starting to get dark, cold and ragged. It’s the perfect time to stay indoors in front of a crackling fire. White flakes begin to fall from the sky, spreading light both outdoors and indoors. It may be time to go skiing soon so here are ten tips on what to do in Åre this rather dark but cosy month.

Go skiing

Mt. Åreskutan’s first turns have long been taken by the top tour enthusiasts from the valley. In Vålådalen, the snow’s been laid and longitudinal tracks made. We all long for the season’s real ski premiere; Åre Ski Test Weekend December 13-16. However, if the snow falls early and the minus degrees hold, then Skistar will start up some lifts early kicking off the ski season already in November. Wohoooo!

Long Distance Ice Skating

Long Distance Skating, XC Skating, Skate Touring…it’s all the same and unfortunately the season is usually quite short. As the temperature drops, the lakes and tarns turn into glossy polished flooring. Lace up your skates and enjoy Åredalen as a paradise for long distance ice skating.

Cosy up in front of a Fire

Few things are as cosy as a crackling fire when it is cold and ridged outside and the great thing is that most hotel lobbies have one. Bring a friend or a good book and sink into an armchair, fill your glass with something tasty and enjoy the warmth emanating from the fire.

Swedish Christmas Dinner

Believe it or not Christmas is on its way and the restaurants in Åre’s are starting to serve the traditional Swedish Christmas dinner now in November. There are hand knotted pretzels, homemade mulled wine, traditional Christmas flavours, new flavours and loads of local goodies. It’ll soon be a full Christmas in every restaurant kitchen throughout the valley. Remember to book in time – the seats sell out quickly! Here’s the guide to this year’s Christmas table >>

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell

Photo: Granen

Photo: Holiday Club

Photo: Holiday Club

Photo: Copperhill

Love the Snow!

When the first real snow falls, something happens to all of us, big and small. A twinkle in your eyes forms. It starts to tingle in your body. All you want to do is throw yourself out into the snow. So, do it. Out and throw some snowballs. Make some snow angels. Head out and play!

Yoga Mountain Festival

Åre must be Sweden’s most yoga-friendly village. Yoga on the water, in the mountains and in yoga studios. Ashtanga. Hatha. Kundalini. Yin. Global. Old Man. Senior. Rigid men. SUP-yoga. Åre even has its own yoga festival – The Yoga Mountain Festival, which runs November 16-18. Leave the darkness and cold outside and enjoy a full weekend filled with yoga classes, workshops, and lectures at Holiday Club. It’s not just for the routine yoga lovers. Everyone curious about yoga is welcome!

Eat well

We don’t want to boast, but Åre is one of the best places in the world when it comes to really good food gathered in a small area. In addition, we brew both beer and distil alcohol ourselves (under controlled forms of course). And in which small village in the world can you find homemade ice cream, sausages, sandwiches, candies, crispbreads and chocolates? Give your taste buds an exciting journey during a visit to the world’s best village. Have a nice meal! >>

Go to the Spa

Check in at any of Åre’s spas. Enjoy treatments, take a few laps in the pool or warm up in a steaming sauna. Relaxation, energy rejuvenation and general well-being is a guaranteed winning activity right now!

Stay Indoors

It’s usually said that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. Well, that may be true, but sometimes all you want to do is stay indoors. Here’s the perfect guide for those who don’t want to go out.


There are many reasons to bring extra money when you’re travelling to Åre. The need to bring pieces from the shops home with you will certainly hit you, and we’re not just talking about Åre-branded stuff with Åre-objects on them. A more versatile shopping village then here is hard to find in these parts of the world.

Last updated 18 November 2019


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