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Tranquil Activities in Åre

A major part of getting away from home is to relax and take it easy, recharge the batteries and come back fresh and well rested. But that doesn’t mean laying on the sofa with your feet up through the entire vacation. Therefore, we have listed some nice, tranquil activities that will let your body and mind relax.

Spa & Health

When you’re on vacation, you’re on vacation. Whilst you’re living comfortably, enjoying great views, drawing in the Åre atmosphere and maybe spending a lot of time outdoors it’s a given that you should spoil yourself a bit as well. In Åre, there are a number of alternatives where you can relax on your own or book spa treatments. 


Are your hamstrings a bit tensed after hiking or skiing? Or do you wish to lower your heart rate? Or have an entire week when all focus is on you and only you? Book a Yoga pass, a retreat or a course! There are plenty of options for anyone who wish to stretch the body and soothe the mind. Read more here >>


The Sauna, this mythical nordic institution which has been ascribed all sorts of beneficial effects on mind and body, is truly something to enjoy while in Åre. Whether or not everything that is said about sauna bathing is true, we do know that it cleanses the pores, eases the mind and give your muscles a real treat. Find out where to enjoy saunas in Åre here.

Take a Walk

You don’t need to trek for miles up on the mountain to enjoy Åre and its atmosphere. You can just go for a walk. In Åre village, there are some nice pedestrian walkways to discover, which are perfect for a stroll with the children, your partner or dog. Or by yourself to clear your mind. Find a selection of walkways here >>

Take a Walk Through History

If you wish for a little more stimulus during your walk, the Tourist Office offers walks where you are lead through the history of Åre by one of their knowledgeable guides. Contact the Tourist Office for more information. 

Åre Church

If you wish for some spirituality, or just want some calm and quiet, or listen to beautiful live music, Åre’s congregation can deliver just that. Åre Church offer everything from guided tours to services and concerts and you can also enjoy them digitally. Find their calendar here. Also, it’s truly an experience to just visit the church which was erected in the 12th century, to experience the historic atmosphere. 


This one might not be a relaxing activity for everyone. But for some, shopping is a way to relax at the end of a day, or as an activity for lazy days. Of course, with the obligatory pause at a café or restaurant. Find out more about shopping in Åre here.

Enjoy Great Food & Drink

To have someone else cook for you is one of the best things about vacation. Åre is one of the restaurant-densest destinations in Sweden and there’s something for everyone who wish to enjoy local produce and try different tastes. Here you can find some local food producers and some local breweries here. If you wish to have a good breakfast – check this out, and see which restaurants to choose from here.



Spa treatments

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Åre Church

Last updated 3 August 2023